Cat Jumps Out of a Burning Building in Harlem, Miraculously Survives

When people deliberately set fire to a property, they may not realize the devastating impact it can have on the lives of those who live there. Along with the temporary loss of a home and the destruction of their possessions, many people also lose sentimental items in fires that they can’t replace. Worse than the damage to the property is the risk it poses to the safety and lives of those who live on the premises, and this includes pets. When a property is on fire, most people’s first thought is getting out alive and making sure their loved ones are safe. Unfortunately, this may mean leaving behind their beloved pets. Fortunately, there are heartwarming stories of animals making miraculous escapes from fires, and many do not suffer any injuries. Here is what happened to one cat that was trapped in a burning building.

A Frightening Situation for the Cat

According to TMZ, a fire was intentionally started in an apartment building on East 135th Street and Fifth Avenue in Harlem, New York. The emergency services were called, and firefighters, police officers, and paramedics all attended the scene. Each of the emergency services had a different role in the incident. The firefighters were there to put out the blaze and rescue people from the building. Police officers were also needed to secure the area and keep onlookers safe, and the paramedics were on standby in case anyone suffered an injury or smoke inhalation in the fire. None of the emergency services were expecting to see a cat trapped in the building making its own bid for escape. The cat, an orange tabby, had ventured from the burning apartment onto the exterior window ledge of the second-floor apartment.

The heat was too intense inside the building for the cat to go back into the apartment, but the cat was also frightened to escape by leaping from the window to the ground below. Therefore, it hovered on the window ledge, too scared to move. The police officers hovered below the window, ready to catch the cat if it fell, but the cat seemed frozen in terror on the window ledge. As the cat clung fearfully to the ledge of the Harlem apartment building, the fire behind it intensified. Flames and smoke were now billowing around the apartment, and there was only one way out for the cat.

The Cat’s Miraculous Escape

Eventually, the fire and smoke were so close to the cat that its back end began to smoke. If the cat did not make its escape soon, it would perish in the fire. It was left with no choice but to make its escape or face death. Although it had been reluctant to jump from the window ledge, it was the only thing that it could do, so it took the leap. They say that cats always land on their feet, and that was fortunately true in this situation. An onlooker captured the moment the cat escaped from the blaze. With no veterinarian on the scene, the paramedics took on the role of checking out the cat and ensuring its safety. As soon as the cat landed from its miraculous escape, they shot into action to scoop up the cat and take it away from danger. The paramedics checked the cat over for burns from the fire or any injuries sustained when it jumped from the window ledge. The cat appeared half-blackened as it suffered some burning to its fur. Other than the scorching, the cat was uninjured in the blaze. However, the cat received treatment for smoke inhalation. Later, the cat went to a local rescue shelter where it received further treatment, says the New York Post.

The Impact of the Fire

The fire had a devastating impact on the apartment building, leaving it unfit for inhabitation until it has undergone extensive repair work. However, the damage to the property was not the most serious impact of the fire. When the fire took hold, there were two children trapped in a different part of the building. Fortunately, firefighters were able to rescue the children and take them to safety. Thankfully, neither of the children suffered an injury in the blaze. However, there was the possibility that the children may have perished in this fire. Each time firefighters attend a fire, their lives are at risk. The more fires people start deliberately; the more risks firefighters must face. While firefighters know the risks of joining the fire department, they would face significantly fewer risks if people did not intentionally start fires.

Fortunately, no firefighters were injured in this incident. However, it is not only firefighters who put their lives at risk when there is a fire. Any other emergency services members who attend the blaze are also at risk of injury or even death. During the rescue operation, two police officers from the New York Police Department suffered injuries when they took part in the rescue and helped the children to safety. Thankfully, their injuries were not life-threatening, and both officers will recover. Paramedics were on hand to treat the police officers quickly. Five other people also received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries following the fire. h

The Man Responsible

The person responsible for starting the fire was an unidentified man who was already wanted by the police in relation to a domestic violence charge. The man was not a resident at the address of the fire. According to the New York Police Department, the man had locked himself into a unit on the apartment building’s second story. The man started the fire when the police arrived to enforce a restraining order following the domestic violence incident. Eventually, the man was arrested for both the domestic violence charges and arson. However, it is currently unclear whether charges have been brought against the man relating to starting the fire, although this is likely.

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