Cat Who was Sick at Shelter Finds the Perfect Cure

becca Gordon

Mildred is a shelter cat who desperately needed a new home. You see, she had an ailment that is quite common among shelter cats. Basically, she caught a cold and it turned into an upper respiratory infection. And, the only thing that could help poor Mildred breathe was steam. If you have ever had kids, you’ve probably gone through this breath-giving ritual at one time or another, but who knew it worked for cats, too? Most of us don’t have steam rooms in our homes, so firing up the shower on hot and letting the steam fill the room is an effective method for helping with congestion and the resultant breathing issues.

The people at the Toronto shelter told their social media manager, Becca Gordon, that Mildred really needed a new foster home asap due to her ailment. Becca meets many of the animals where she works at the Etobicoke Humane Society, but she was especially taken with Mildred when she curled up in her lap, shivering from her illness. How could she possibly say “no” to this sweet little creature who needed her so badly? So, although Becca lived in a very small apartment with two cats already living there with her, and never planned on fostering a sick cat, she took her home to nurse her back to health.

becca gordon 2

Becca would get up in the middle of the night when she heard Mildred having difficulty breathing and turn on the shower full force to steam up the bathroom. Mildred would sit in the steamy room with Becca until she felt better and could breathe again and then it was back to bed. Once in bed, she had to lay right on top of Becca or right next to her to feel comfortable and secure.

As her new foster mom, Becca was good at making Mildred feel safe and secure and she soon got her adorable cat personality back thru the help of Becca’s steam treatments and antibiotics. Her respiratory infection cleared up and she started playing and being a happy little kitty again. Offers had started coming into the Etobicoke Humane Society from people who want to give Mildred her forever home. As a healthy beautiful cat, she was suddenly in demand again, thanks to Becca and her kind heart. Could she have survived at the shelter without a new foster mother? Maybe not, but fortunately Mildred was one of the lucky ones and she was fostered just in time to make her a happier healthier kitty.

Becca Gordon 3

Many of us may not have much room in our homes for fostering a pet, but we probably do have room in our hearts. There are numerous cats and dogs in shelters who need a foster home to make them feel loved and cared for while they wait for their forever home to materialize. So, if you can help by fostering even just one animal, you’ll be helping. Sometimes all it takes to turn an unsociable scared pet into a loving happy-go-lucky animal that will attract a wonderful forever family is the love of a foster pet parent. Just like Becca did for Mildred, you can do it for some other needy cat or dog and do your part to decrease the number of unloved pets that are in shelters.

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