Cat Lover Sues Woman Over Adopted Pet’s Sleeping Arrangements

Many cat owners are completely devoted to their pets, and they will do anything to make sure that their cat has everything it needs and can enjoy the best lifestyle possible. Some will even take extreme measures to make sure their cat is happy. One woman who has taken extreme measures to ensure her cat continues to have the best lifestyle possible is Carol Money, who is suing the new owner of her former cat for not allowing it to sleep with her. The New York Post reported that Carol Money adopted her cat, Lacie, in 2009 when it was still a kitten. The pair formed a strong bond, and something that they liked to do was to share a bed every night. Money says that Lacie would stand by the bed and yowl loudly until she was allowed onto the bed with Money.

Sadly, the 73-year-old woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and her treatment left her so unwell that she was no longer capable of caring for the cat properly. She had surgery that meant she could not lift anything weighing more than five pounds. This meant that she had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome her cat. According to News Week, Money was introduced to a woman called Danette Romano through friends. Romano expressed an interest in adopting the cat, so Money took time to get to know her and even visited her house. Once she was satisfied that Romano was a good person and that her home provided the right environment, she agreed to Romano adopting the cat.

The one condition she had relating to the adoption was that Romano would let Lacie sleep in bed with her at night. This is something that Money made very clear to Romano from the start as she wanted Lacie to continue enjoying the same lifestyle she had with Money. It was only because Romano agreed to this condition that Money was able to reluctantly hand over her beloved Lacie. With this condition agreed, Romano paid Money $65 for the cat. Romano also allegedly agreed to return the cat to Money if the cat was unhappy for any reason at all. However, it seems that this is not what has happened. Following Romano adopting Lacie, Money decided to pay her cat a visit in her new home with Romano in Syracuse. While she was there, Romano’s husband accidentally let slip that they had never allowed their cat to sleep in their bed with them. This was contrary to Romano’s promises that Lacie would always sleep with her.

Romano’s husband went on to reveal that Lacie never even went upstairs with them. She would sit at the bottom of the stairs when they were going to bed, and she would still be there in the morning. This caused a lot of distress to Money. While it seems reasonable for Money to get upset about this situation, her response to the situation may seem a little extreme to many people. At first, she began to text Romano about the problem. She also sent multiple emails and voicemails. Due to the lack of response from Romano about the matter, Money decided to pay her a visit at home. Money turned up at Romano’s house on December 18, 2019. However, instead of settling the situation between themselves, Romano called the police to make a complaint about harassment. This led to the police visiting Money at home regarding the complaint.

Then, Money received a cease-and-desist letter asking her to no longer contact Romano. By this point, the situation had clearly got out of control and it was beyond something that the pair could settle between them. Therefore, Money decided to file a lawsuit against Romano. Money filed the lawsuit with Onondaga Supreme Court in November 2018. The paperwork for the lawsuit states that Romano was fully aware that Money would only let her adopt the cat if she allowed the cat to sleep with her in bed. According to the documents, Romano already knew that she had no intention of allowing this situation to happen, and deliberately withheld this information from Money so that she would allow her to adopt the cat.

Money is suing for a breach of contract, among other claims, and her aim is to achieve the safe return of Lacie to her home. She says they made a contract that Romano has not complied with, so she wants the contract rescinded. According to Money, the cat is not happy, and the agreement was always that Romano would return the cat if it was unhappy. Also, Money has now completed her cancer treatment and is in a much better condition to care for her cat, just as she did before she was struck by illness. She does not expect damages, she simply wants the cat returning to her care. Money’s lawyer is Ryan Suser from the Syracuse law firm Bousquet Holstein, but he has declined to comment about the case. Therefore, it is unknown whether Lacie, a Norwegian Forest Cat, is still with Romano or if she has been returned to Money.

Money is not only passionate about her own cat but about cats in general. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the New York Cats Coalition. This is an organization that cares for homeless cats in New York City and the surrounding area. This is just one example of how pet adoption is a potentially contentious issue that can sometimes make it to the courts. Another example is a woman from Portland who filed a complaint against a dog adoption agency in November 2019. She claims they paid the agency $50,000 to care for their Pomeranian and find it a new home, but the agency did not allow them to visit the dog. Although the case went to trial, the jury found that the woman’s claim was without merit.

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