Cat With Bullet Lodged in Spine Makes Full Recovery and New Friend

Roger Daltrey Cat 1

Roger Daltrey is living out one of his extra cat lives thanks to compassionate, intelligent medical intervention, and his newest friend, Bitsy, the dog. Roger Daltrey’s spine had a bullet in it when he was discovered in Naples, Florida. He was on a city street, and not moving when animal control officers found him. Roger couldn’t use his back legs at all. Cats in his condition are usually euthanized. But a superb veterinarian thought she would try something different. Karen Brown of Collier Domestic Animal Services started Roger Daltrey on prednisone, with a series of injections which helped him. With the steroid administered in continuous dosages, Roger began to move his legs. At the time, when Doctor Brown started Roger’s care, there was no certainty that he would survive what was obviously an extremely cruel human act.

The amazing recovery signs were not to be ignored, and Roger began an eight-month recuperation period at Naples Cat Alliance. Thanks to lots of loving care and Bitsy, Roger is walking. Bitsy’s story is quite spectacular, too. Bitsy was also rescued by the shelter. She was dangling close to a huge traffic intersection when she was found, and it turns out that she loves kittens. Bitsy is fascinating, because she is not fond of dogs, but adores cats. In fact, she loves snuggling close to them and allowing them to lean and even sleep on her. Bitsy has made fast friends with Roger Daltrey, snuggling together with him. Roger needs all the love he can get because he still doesn’t have bladder or bowel control. But Bitsy takes it in stride and shares her space with Roger right by her. The two spend lots of time at the shelter enjoying each others’ company.

Roger had the best of care from top specialists and surgeons. He had to have his tail removed, as the bullet caused it to go limp. The bullet is still in his spine because the overall medical opinion was that it was better to leave it in. Even with that, Roger is not only walking, but he is running, too.

Roger is a beautiful cat with the markings of a gray point Siamese and the longer fur of a Himalayan. He has beautiful blue eyes, a dark gray mask, darker ears and light gray paws. He is a lovely mixed breed who has survived when all odds were against it. He is fortunate that an anonymous benefactor has pledged to pay for any medical expenses he will need for his entire life. Right now, the thing he needs most is a family who will bring him to their home so that he can become part of their family forever.

The Naples Cat Alliance, where Roger and Bitsy reside in close friendship, is an organization of volunteers whose mission is to rescue cats and facilitate adoptions for them. They also Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) cats through a program designed to improve the health and life quality for both cats and residents in Collier County, Florida. The alliance does its work completely funded by private donations. Though they are a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, they do not receive government funding.

For now, while Roger Daltrey is waiting for the family who will love him and take him home, Naples Cat Alliance is encouraging those interested in Roger’s story to consider adopting him. But, if that’s not possible, the shelter will gratefully accept donations made on his behalf or for other cats and dogs which need saving just like Roger and Bitsy. It’s their friendship which reminds everyone how important it is for everyone to pull together and make life work.

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