Cat Has Miraculous Recovery after Being Nearly Euthanized


Prisoners on death row usually get to choose their last meal as they await the lethal injection. On the other hand, animals awaiting euthanasia are not given that chance because they do not know that their lives will be terminated within a few minutes. Thankfully, for as long as one is alive, there is hope that things can change for the better as proven by a cat’s miraculous recovery after being nearly euthanized. He may not have the words to express gratitude, but maybe in his own way, he understands. As he waits to find his forever home, let’s share his near-death experience.

Saving Henry through Surgery

According to Newsweek, Henry suffered from an eye condition called entropion in which the eyelid turns outward. As a result, the inner eyelid surface is exposed, and it scratches the cornea resulting in corneal perforation or corneal ulceration. It is usually a genetic condition, and most of the time, it results in permanent damage even with successful treatment of the infection. Luckily, this eventuality was not for Henry, who got a happy ending instead. He was found in a kill shelter. As the name suggests, such shelters house animals for a while but kill the old and sickly ones when they receive younger and healthier rescues to prevent overcrowding. With Henry’s condition, his fate was already determined that he would be euthanized. Fortunately, one person under the username jujukamoo stepped in to save the kitty. The poster said that he usually rescues blind cats, but Henry was the first with the entropion, and he is so glad that he underwent successful surgery.

Jujukamoo posted Henry’s pictures showing before and after the surgery, and Reddit users could not believe it was the same cat. Before surgery, he could barely keep his eyes open, but Henry’s beautiful eyes were visible thanks to the operation. Jujukamoo acknowledged the transformation would have been impossible if wellwishers had not stepped in; some people from Texas fundraised for the surgery, and a flight attendant flew Henry to Boston. Besides the successful operation and him regaining his full sight, the best news for Henry was that jujukamoo had already found him a prospective family to adopt him. The poster revealed that even before Henry had recovered from the surgery, he found him a New Hampshire family. They would go during the weekend for a formal meeting to determine if Henry was ideal for them. We wish Henry the best as he moves on to an exciting new chapter of life.

Another Cat Named Henry Saved from Euthanasia

It seems like cats named Henry have the fortune of being saved from death row because in 2020, another cat, Henry, was saved from euthanasia. Cat Rescue Network (CRN) heard about the kitten that was to be put down in a few days. CRN is a group of volunteers that rescues cats at risk of being euthanized in kill shelters. After rescuing, they usually place the cats in foster families until they can find them forever homes. Since CRN believes in second chances, they rushed in to save Henry, and one of the foster moms, Michelle, who works closely with the group, offered to go and save Henry. Unfortunately, she did not arrange for transportation, and time was running out for Henry. A CRN volunteer Adelle went to the shelter to pick him up with only a few hours left before being put to sleep. Adelle and Henry waited in the car for Michelle to arrive and take him home. The kitten seemed to understand how close he had come to ending his nine lives until the kind woman showed up. Therefore, Henry showed Adelle gratitude the best way he knew how; by rubbing his face in hers before settling down in his seat.

When Euthanasia is the Only Option

The New York Times published that euthanasia rates have gone down because no-kill advocates have increased over the years and people are proud of rescuing animals. As a result, shelters euthanize ill or aggressive animals. However, some people believe the no-kill shelters still have to take up the challenge of dealing with overcrowding and adopting out aggressive animals. As they seek to find a middle ground, sometimes even the pet owners are left with no choice but to put their animals to sleep.

The quality of life you want for your pet should determine if euthanasia is the best option. A kitten that is in excessive pain or has an illness that will make them suffer in the end should be a few reasons you might think of ending their suffering. However, even before you consider that an option, you have to talk it over with your family and vet. Our four-legged friends are part of the family, and living without them can be tough on everyone. Therefore, once you decide to euthanize, let the children know what is happening because telling them that you are putting the cat to sleep could be confusing when they wonder why the feline is not waking up from the supposed sleep. Due to them being part of the family, euthanized animals can be taken home to be given a decent sendoff, and if cremation is done, you can keep the ashes. If you believe you are strong enough to watch as your cat breathes his last, you should still be prepared for the heartache. According to Bluecross, you must sign a consent form, and the cat will be injected with an overdose of anesthetic. The injection is usually painless, and once the cat is unconscious, death occurs in a few minutes, but it can take longer if there is poor circulation. You will know your cat has passed on when he lets out an involuntary gasp, empties the bladder, and eyes remain wide open.

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