Cat Named Cookie Missing For Three Years Reunited With Family

A family in San Antonio have been reunited with their cat, Cookie, after she had been missing for three years. The story is a great example of how important it is to make sure that family pets are microchipped. The family had placed Cookie and her sister in the care of a pet-sitter who lived nearby. While they were in the care of the sitter they both became lost. It was a very worrying time for the family, who wondered if they would ever see either of their cats again. It was not too long before Cookie’s sister was found and returned to the family. However, months turned into years and there was still no sign of Cookie, although her family never gave up hope that she was out there somewhere. As happy as they were to have one of their cats back, they remained heartbroken that they had still lost Cookie.

They never gave up hope that she would find her way back to them at some point, but it remained more difficult to stay positive after so much time had passed. They often found themselves wondering if she had been taken in by another family or if she was left to fend for herself. These are questions that they may never get the answers to now. Three years after Cookie first went missing City of San Animal Care Services received a call from a woman who had found an injured cat in her back yard. When the shelter took Cookie in, the first thing they did was scan for a microchip. This is standard practice but even when a microchip is found, it doesn’t always mean that a cat can be returned home. Sometimes people change their contact details but do not notify the microchip company so they cannot be contacted.

Thankfully, the contact details of Cookie’s family had been kept up to date and so the shelter were able to get in touch with them. Animal Care Services are always happy when they are able to reunite pets and owners, but they didn’t expect Cookie’s family to tell them she had been missing for so long. News 4SA reports that it was Officer Cortez who made the initial phone call to the number registered to Cookie’s chip. The family were ecstatic to be told that Cookie had finally been found. The injury that she suffered to her leg was severe, and vets decided that amputation of the leg was the best course of action. Her missing leg meant that she looked a little different to how the family remembered her. However, she was still the loving cat that she had always been.

It is still not clear exactly how Cookie became so badly injured or even when the injuries occurred. The fact that she was discovered near a home may have suggested she was looking for shelter after only recently becoming injured. Luckily, she was able to receive treatment for her injuries as soon as she was taken in by ACS, and while she has lost a leg, this does not seem to be causing her too many issues. As Cookie went missing from San Antonio, and that was where she was found, it can be presumed that she was in the area for the whole time she was missing. She had most likely been living as a stray for all that time but if she had not really come into contact with any people then her microchip would not have been checked. There was also the possibility that she was being fed on a regular basis by someone who didn’t realize that she had a family out there looking for her.

Sadly, Cookie was never reunited with her sister, who died a few months before Cookie returned home. Her human mom often shows Cookie all the photos of her sister that she has on her phone. The Animal Rescue Site explained that her mom also asked for a photo to be taken of her and Cookie, with a photo of her sister displayed on her phone. Getting Cookie back helped to ease some of the pain of the loss of her sister, but the family will always feel regret that they were not reunited before she passed. When Cookie first saw her human mom again, there was definitely some recognition there. This was a relief as mom was worried that Cookie would have forgotten about her family with it being so long ago since she last saw them. She seemed to lap up all the fuss and attention that she had been given.

San Antonio ACS shared the story of Cookie being reunited with her family on their Facebook page. There were comments made on the post where other people had echoed the words of the shelter with regards to the importance of having pets microchipped. People also used the comments section to express their hope that their own pets who had been missing for a similar length of time would also be found one day. It has been hard for the family to think about the difficult life that Cookie must have had while she was lost. There were no signs that she was under-nourished and so she must have found somewhere to get food and drink. They are now all trying to move forward and focus on giving her the best life that they can. She will need support as she adapts to life with three legs, but this is something the family are determined to help her with. Now that they are reunited, the family are all catching up on the three years of love and cuddles that they have missed out on. They will be keeping a close eye on her to make sure that she does not disappear again. The one thing that is clear from this story is that it was the fact that Cookie was microchipped that led to her being reunited with her family. The microchip enabled Cookie to get the happy ending that she deserved.

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