Kangaroo-Eating Maine Coon May Be World’s Longest Cat

Cats come in all sizes, but it’s rare to see one as big as this cat, Omar the Maine Coon who lives in Melbourne, Australia. His owner, Stephy Hirst, has taken his measurements and claims that he is longer than the cat who is currently listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest.

Hirst has told the BBC that her cat, Omar, is 3 feet 11 inches long, or (120 centimeters). This would put him in the lead for being the longest cat who is currently in the lead at 3 feet 10.59 inches, the cat listed in the Guinness Book of World records, and is named Ludo of West Yorkshire in the UK. Hirst says that she sent Omar’s measurements in to the record keepers, but she has not heard back – the measurements have not been verified yet.

When asked about Omar’s diet, Hirst told the news broadcast that Omar has a unique diet. He eats meat for dinner, and not just any meat; raw kangaroo meat. She says that she buys human-grade kangaroo meat from the supermarket and feeds it to him daily. She went on to explain that the kangaroo meat is the only meat Omar would eat.

Hirst started an Instagram account for Omar and ever since, he has gotten quite a bit of attention. He now has over 21,000 followers on his account. Hirst told BBC that Omar isn’t really handling the attention all that well and he has recently had a little meltdown.

Maine Coons are typically a bigger cat than the average feline but some have the ability to get even bigger than the average Maine Coon cat. Maine Coons hail from Maine, in the US, however, beyond that, it is not real clear where they originated. Some people have created a legendary theory that they are a cross between a bobcat and a raccoon, which is really not biologically possible. Others have said that they are decedents of cats that were said to have been brought over by the Vikings, before Christopher Columbus made it here. They were used to keep rats off the boats while at sea. And a third story is that they spawned from cats that Marie Antoinette raised during the French Revolution.

However they developed, they are one of the most popular breeds of cats, and one of the most interesting, and they are large by nature, but seem to be gaining in size until they are now, the largest domesticated breed there is. Outside of the domestic breed of cat, the largest non-domesticated cat is the liger, which is a cross between a tigress and a male lion. It was named Hercules and he lives at a Wildlife reserve in South Carolina. He measures 10 feet 11 inches long and is four feet, 1 inches tall at his shoulder. His weight is 922 pounds, which is incredible for even a wild cat.

You may know that Australia has always been known for their bizarre and rare animals, this includes the oldest and what was said to be, the largest wombat that ever lived. He had the name, “Fat Pat from Ballarat,” however, unfortunately, Fat Pat recently died in April. Fat Pat was 31 years old and he weighed 88 pounds.


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