Cat Owners Who Live in Apartments Should Know These 10 Things


Cat owners are awesome people. They are the kind of people that have an animal that they care for and love, that they want to make sure is their own sort of child, and they’re just a lot of fun. Cats are fun animals, so it only makes sense that their owners are also fun. But there are a few quirky little things about these particular animals that we just adore. Cats are so good at making you feel so loved one minute and as if you don’t exist the next. They love you unconditionally for some moments of the day and wish you were missing from their life the next. They are on top of you when it’s entirely inconvenient for you to have them around and they’re walking around as if they don’t even notice you’re home when you want some love and affection from the cat.

Cats are just fun animals. What’s even more fun about them is that they are a form of stress relief. As a cat owner myself, sometimes I wonder how something that can make such a mess and cause me so much anxiety at times is also relieving my stress, but it’s a proven medical fact that cats are stress relief. The act of petting a cat is all it takes to relieve significant amounts of stress from your body. These are animals that listen without judgment (well, they’re probably judging). They are animals that are there for you when no one else is, and they won’t eat all the ice cream or expect you to share what’s left of the wine at the end of the day. Cats, however, are also animals that can be very rewarding to own. But what if you live in an apartment? Can you even have a cat? Sure, you can have a cat just about anywhere you want as long as it’s not forbidden by the owners of the apartment. But if you do live in an apartment and you do want a cat, there are a few things with which you should become familiar.

They’ll Use Up all the Sunlight

Most apartments aren’t really open on all sides with sunlight. You might be limited to one wall of the house with lovely windows, and your cat is going to make that his home. He is going to find the sun and stay there at all times no matter what you say or think.

Your Cat will Hide and You Won’t be Able to Find Him

Even if you have the smallest of small apartments, your cat will find some place to hide that you will never think to look and you will be certain he’s escaped. Cats are artists and masters like that.

Hiding the Litter Box is a Pain

The apartment living complaint most cat owners have is the lack of space in which to hide a litter box. You probably do not have space to put it anywhere fantastic, so you have to get all kinds of creative to hide it where it’s not in plain sight.

The Litter Box Needs More Frequent Cleaning

You have an apartment, you have to clean the litter box more often. You just cannot forgo doing this or you will never be able to get rid of the smell that the litter box provides to your home. And while I’ve never lived in an apartment, I’m willing to be other people can smell this, too.

Downstairs Neighbors Hate You

Your downstairs neighbors will probably hate you if your cat is playful. Cats like to jump and get up on things that are high up, which means they’re going to make even more noise getting down. Your cat is probably going to hate the fact that you have a cat that jumps off your furniture right above their living space all the time.

The Balcony Door Needs to be Shut

Cats are curious, and you know what they say about that, right? If you have a balcony and a cat, keep that door shut as often as possible or you’re doing to regret the moment you decided to open it up and make the house a little more airy.

Suddenly the Neighbor’s Dog is a Pain

Your neighbor’s dog probably smells your cat through the walls. And this is going to make him crazy all the time. The good news is that he’s probably making his owners crazy, too, so maybe they will do something about that and let you live in peace for once.

Food is Everywhere

Your cat loves to make a mess with his food. In an apartment, however, you haven’t much space to hide it in a room and keep the mess isolated. This means your cat’s food is probably all over your house making a drastic and disgusting mess that you just cannot clean up no matter how hard you try to do so.

Hard Floors are Awful

Carpets are just gross, and we hate them. But when you have a cat in a small space, you’re going to hate the noise that the floors make if you have wood or tile. You’re also going to hate the feel of litter all over your feet all the time since the cat will likely get it all over the place. We advice getting a nice big rug and putting that where your litter box goes, where the food goes, and trying to keep it all as isolated from the rest of the house as possible.

 There will be Cat Hair Everywhere

It’s going to happen anywhere, not just your apartment. But if you have a small apartment, we are very sorry to say you will find cat hair in abundance. The deal is that you’re going to find it everywhere, all the time. It doesn’t have as much space to take up as it would if you had a larger home, so it’s going to seem as if there is more of it all over the place.

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