Cat Patios (Catios) Have Become The Newest Way to Spoil Your Kitty

Although many cat owners keep their felines indoors as indoor cats, it doesn’t stop them from wishing they could be outdoors, lounging on a deck, in the yard, or on a chair, just soaking up the sun. Cats love to be out of doors. They love the sights, the activity of birds and squirrels and the thrill of a chase, and they love to have the warmth of the sun on their bodies. If you have ever seen your cat lying somewhere where the sun streams in a window, then you know how happy and content they look napping in the sunlight. Cat owners who know this about their cat, have found a great way to give their cat the luxury of getting some outdoor time, without actually being loose on the outside of their home’s protection, and that is with their very own patio. In a time where pet owners are spoiling their furry friends like crazy, it’s no surprise that cat owners are indulging their felines with the latest luxury for cats. That’s right, Cat Patios (Catios) have become the newest way to spoil your kitty.

Catio Spaces is a Seattle-based company that is making patios that are designed especially for cats. You can choose to either download one of their DIY catio plans (prices range from $39.95-$69.95), or you can have them design a custom catio that is built to your specific needs and specifications.

What is a Catio?

A catio is an enclosed area that is outdoors and it’s made for your cat so that he can enjoy the outdoors while remaining safe and protected from all the mischief and troubles that real outdoors can cause for your cat. Including getting lost or injured, and no worries of predators getting to your best friend. You couldn’t think of a better way to spoil your kitty. The catio is also a great way to get your cat to stop aggravating dogs and birds that may be in the home. They now have their own space, and a space they’ll want to be. The whole idea just makes perfect sense. After all, don’t dogs get their own dog house? So why shouldn’t your cat get his very own little retreat and habitat too?

People have really been jumping on this band wagon. This trend has sparked several different animal organizations to recommend the catio, including the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and the Audubon Society of Portland, who are even putting on a touring event on September 8th. This is the sixth annual event of its kind, so if you happen to be in the surrounding area and would care to get involved and participate with a catio you have for your kitty, you can enter by going to the following link:

According to Meg Viezbicke of the Cats Safe at Home Campaign who spoke with Oregon Live, she had this to say about catios, “Catios have grown in popularity.” And, “Portland’s tour has inspired Seattle, Santa Cruz and Austin in running their own tours.”

What do catios look like?

Catios come in different setups and it can depend on whether or not you choose a DIY plan, or design one that is specific to your desires and design. They can be very elaborate or simple. But they all have features that will entertain your cat for hours. They are also designed to meet your cat’s exercise needs. Some features that you might see in a catio would include, spiral staircases, ramps, catwalks, corner lounge shelves, and more. Simple catios can have just a few features that are enough for your cat to simply get fresh air, lounge up high in the sun, and have their own personal space to retreat to.

This photo of a shelter catio, posted by Instagram user @cattitude_is_everything, shows a space that almost looks like a kitty gym.

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