Man Opens his Shop to Stray Cats During Brutal Snowstorm


When the winter months come every year, thousands of animals are left out in the cold around the world. This year, Europe’s freezing cold winter weather was more deadly than usual, making it rougher than ever for stray animals. What they really need is somebody to be kind enough to let them inside where it’s cozy, safe, and warm. One man in Istanbul did just that. When the temperatures got dangerously low in Turkey, he had a warm heart and helped out the local stray kitties in his neighborhood. Sure, he could’ve turned his back on those freezing little creatures like so many others do, but instead, he chose to do something about it.

His name is Selçuk Bayal and he owns a small shop that has a cafe and also sells stationery. He’s a good samaritan who loves donating his time for helping homeless animals in the neighborhood. But, nobody could be ready for how much he helped the stray cats of the neighborhood when temperatures started dropping!

This amazing man with the big heart actually started taking them in and giving them a warm place to live. And, that place was his shop! On top of that, he chose the love of all the stray cats over the money of his customers. He actually put up a sign telling people that they should shop somewhere else if they were bothered by the cats. How many people in this world would be so unselfish and caring that they would put animals desperately in need of help ahead of the almighty dollar? Some people don’t even put human life above money, let alone little furry four-legged kitties.

Yes, Mr. Bayal actually transformed the entire shop into a refuge from the cold weather for all those cats. And, there were almost a dozen of them that took refuge temporarily from the brutal cold and snow in his little shop. And, he cared about every single one of them at a time when nobody else did. Without his generous help and opening his heart and his shop to them, they could have frozen to death in the cold snowy Turkish winter.

Mr. Bayal explains his actions by saying that God entrusted the cats to all of us humans, so it’s our responsibility to take care of them. He also said that he knows how grateful they are for him feeding them and giving them a warm and cozy place to sleep by the way that they look at him. Then he further stated that the doors of his shop are open to all and that includes dog, cats or people in need.

What a wonderful human being Mr. Bayal is! Too bad we can’t all be more like him, unselfish and willing to make a sacrifice for God’s creatures in need of a little help. It could be the cold and snows of winter or the debilitating heat of summer. All animals and people in need as well deserve our kindness. Sometimes all it takes is opening your door and your heart like Mr. Bayal did.

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Image Credit: Selçuk Bayal

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