Cat Sanctuary Caretaker Job on Greek Island Flooded with 35,000 Applications

If you’re a cat lover, you’ve probably at least once thought of taking care of cats as your day job. What’s not to like about that? Well, have you ever dreamed of living in Greece for the rest of your life? If you can relate to both scenarios, then you’re just one among at least 35,000 other people who are thinking the exact same thing—is this real?

On the Greek island of Syros is a cat sanctuary called God’s Little People Cat Rescue. A couple, Joan and Richard Bowell, founded the sanctuary. They have been taking care of the 50 and more cats that are living in the sanctuary for many years now. However, the couple is looking to expand their operations in New York City, so they’ll need someone else to take over the care for the cats at the sanctuary.

When the Bowells put up the advertisement for a caretaker, they expected anywhere from 20 to 30 applications. They were wonderfully surprised but completely overwhelmed when they received more than 35,000 applications. According to Joan, it’s simply a testament to how many people actually love cats and would dream about caring for them full-time. That’s nice, Joan. But we suspect that a good chunk of those applications were from people who are more attracted to the lifestyle presented rather than the job itself.

The job does have a few perks. The caretaker will have a home to live in that has water, electricity, and even a vehicle for transportation. The caretaker will have full command of the sanctuary, which is located in a stunning setting of Syros. In addition, the caretaker will also receive full and competitive pay.

Now, the Bowells had a list of requirements for the applying caretaker. Through experience, the Bowells believe that the applicant should be at least 45 years of age, which is probably more a nod to maturity than anything else. The Bowells did mention that they prefer someone mature, one who is genuinely passionate about cats. The perfect candidate for the job must love nature and be able to live in tranquility and human solitude. There will be cats to keep company, of course, so it’s never all lonely. The Bowells are looking for someone who is reliable, responsible, honest, and practical. They even want someone who has a heart of gold. Whoever gets the job will responsible for feeding and medicating the cats. The cats should also get constant love and attention. It’s a plus if the candidate knows a little bit of cat psychology. Cat-whispering skills are an absolute must, and the Bowells actually prefer if they come naturally to you.

The Bowells have embraced the opportunity to provide these cats with love and respect. Greece became the perfect place to have this wonderful sanctuary, and it has been for the past eight years now. Unfortunately, the sanctuary is too full; it cannot take in any new cats. However, the Bowells are fighting hard to keep the movement going. They’re current holding a crowdfunding campaign, so that the can open up a new location in upstate New York. This is probably as good a place as any to open up a cat sanctuary. There are probably tons of strays that are in desperate need of a home in the city.

If you haven’t filled out the application for just this job, what are you waiting for? The Bowells will keep the job post open through all of August, and the job itself will start in November. That’s plenty of time to get your affairs in if ever you do get selected out of so many applicants.

This story has shed a positive life on the many ways that we could impact the world to be better. The Bowells are great examples of this, and we’re all glad that they’re looking to continue to work. The cat sanctuary is just one place. There are many other places out there trying to do the same thing. This cat sanctuary just happens to be in one of the most relaxing and stunning places that you could ever see. It might be time to renew your passport or get one if you don’t have one. Visiting this cat sanctuary should be reason enough to go to Syros, but that’s only in case you don’t get the job.

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