Man Who Had Eye Removed Adopts One-Eyed Cat From Ohio Shelter

One-Eye Cat

Most people know that animals have a way of making people feel less alone. Even if you really don’t consider yourself an animal person, there’s probably at least one or two times in your life when you can recall an animal doing something to make you laugh or perhaps even help dry your tears during a particularly difficult time. They just seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing when people need comfort and they act on those emotions as opposed to doing what most human beings do and walking the other way. That in and of itself is enough to create a bond and a connection that is unlike anything else you’re ever likely to experience in your lifetime. However, there are times when that bond is even stronger because of something specific that helps you realize that you’re not alone. In the case of a young man named Dylan and a cat named Martin, that is precisely what happened and the story that resulted from two individual tragedies is nothing short of miraculous.

Finding Comfort in a Trying Time

For unknown reasons, the young man involved in this true story of love and redemption, Dylan, had to have his left eye removed. Despite being fit and young, in his twenties or thirties, that was the reality that he faced. For some people, such a thing would be enough to make them almost want to give up. That is especially true when you consider that it occurred in the prime of his life, a time when most people are blessed enough to enjoy good health. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone and facing those circumstances can sometimes feel overwhelming. As he recovered, Dylan made the decision to go to the local animal shelter in Ohio and see if there was a cat available for adoption. Believing that finding such a companion might alleviate some of the emotions he was going through after having his eye removed, he went looking for an animal that he could truly bond with. However, he probably never thought in his wildest dreams that he would find Martin, a cat that had his right eye removed in much the same way that Dylan had. As a matter of fact, Martin had undergone his surgery only four days after Dylan. It seemed a match made in Heaven and Dylan knew that he had to take Martin home as soon as he saw him.

An Inspiration to Others

As it turns out, this story doesn’t only involve a happy ending for Dylan and Martin. In fact, it serves as a genuine inspiration to others who are struggling with something similar. For example, there is the story of another Ohio man, Larry. He lost his eye as the direct result of an accident. After going through recovery and discussing the situation with his wife, the two of them made the decision to adopt a cat from their local animal shelter. In much the same way that Dylan found Martin, they also found a cat that had only one eye. Of course, they felt like their only recourse was to adopt this cat and the trio have lived happily ever after since then. When you stop and think about it, the story of Dylan and Martin is inspirational for so many different reasons. It’s true that they have something in common with regard to some of their physical challenges, but that’s not where the similarities end. Clearly, they’re both fighters and they have been forced to endure more than their fair share of adversity for one reason or another. The beauty of it all is that they have found something positive in a situation where many only see the negative side of things. Through their struggles, they have found companionship, loyalty and most importantly, love. That in turn has made both of them stronger than they were before they embarked on their individual journeys. The fact that they’re now capable of going through that journey together only serves to make them stronger still.

Drawing Strength from One Another

There’s no doubt about it, Dylan and Martin (as well as Larry and his cat) draw strength from each other. It can sometimes be challenging to stay positive when you’re dealing with any type of physical or mental issue. Having someone by your side that has gone through something similar almost always helps. Whether that individual is another human being or an animal, it constantly reminds you that you’re not going through your situation alone. It can help facilitate a return to a very full and active life, proving that you don’t have to allow those types of struggles to limit what you’re capable of achieving. The truth is, both Dylan and Martin are living life to the fullest extent possible. They don’t let the fact that they each have only one eye slow them down for even one second. If they’re having a bad day, they simply draw strength from one another and they keep going. In the process, they’re proving to countless numbers of other individuals that they can do exactly the same thing, no matter what they’re facing.

Sometimes, you face your darkest days only to realize that those days were only preparing you for something even better along the way. Dylan and Martin would almost certainly attest to that fact. Perhaps the thing that everyone else can draw from their story is that even when things seem like they can’t get much worse, there is still a reason to keep hoping and to keep fighting. You never know when that singular, pivotal event is going to happen that will change things forever and make life worth living again. For Dylan, he found that in the love of a simple cat named Martin who had faced many of the same challenges that he had himself. Where do you think you will find your next source of inspiration?

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