20 Questions Your Cat Needs You To Answer Immediately

We love our furry feline friends and as owners, we do the best for them that we can. We give them food, shelter, medical care and lots of love and attention. When it comes to communication, there are things that are understood, especially as we get to know our pets better, but there are some questions that your cat will have from time to time, and only you can provide the answers. The cute little meows and head tilts will give you an indication that your kitty needs to have certain reassurances and confirmations. Cats are usually patient creatures but there are certain things that they want to know right away. Here are 20 questions that your cat needs you to answer immediately.

Can I have some of what you’re eating?

It probably won’t matter what kind of snack you’re munching on. If kitty sees you enjoying any type of food, curiosity sets in and they will follow you from room to room in hopes of sharing your fare. Humans bond over meals and sharing food and cats are no different. If it’s a food that is healthy for cats, your furry friend will be grateful for a bite but if not the answer should be no. If your goal is to train your kitty not to beg for human food, then this is a question that should be answered immediately. You should be consistent and not give in to feline pressure for the best results. It’s cruel to tease a cat with food that there is no intention of sharing so be direct and to the point so he or she does not get their hopes up, only to be disappointed.

Are we good?

It’s okay for your cat to have a snotty attitude towards you, especially after getting in trouble for a misdeed but in your cat’s mind, you have no such right. When kitty comes down off his high horse, he will come to you for the reassurance that your relationship is still on solid ground. He’ll wonder, are we still good? This is a question that he will need to have answered right away or it will truly upset him. Cats are sensitive creatures who often need reassurance, even though they may act like they really don’t care. Giving kitty the cold shoulder after you’ve scolded him isn’t going to serve to reinforce any desired behaviors if you carry it on for too long. Let him know that you’re both still solid with each other.

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