Internet Falls in Love with Cat Who Likes Baths

Cat in a Bath

Cats are amazing creatures. They keep us entertained, give us love and affection, and keep us from feeling lonely. People post some of the most amazing videos of their pets on social media. Some of them break ranks and do things that are unique or unusual for their breeds. We recently came across a post about a cat that enjoys baths. Newsweek shared the story of an internet cat that enjoys baths, and the public has fallen in love with her.

The kitten that loves the water

Most of us dread bathtime for our cats because most of them either have a fear of water or loathe getting wet. That’s not the case for a kitten that looks forward to bath time. A Reddit user going by the tag MehWhiteShark uploaded a nine-second video clip that shows her bathing the kitten as it seems to enjoy its time in the water. The clip quickly became a sensation that amassed over 100 comments and 11,000 upvotes. How is it that a cat developed a love for water? The owners have no idea. It could be from early exposure to baths that showed her there is nothing to fear. The video inspires far more questions than answers, such as why cats hate water and whether you can you train them to sit still for baths?

Do all cats hate water?

Purina weighs in on this question and offers expert insights into cat behaviors. They point out that cats don’t have a problem with drinking water. It’s when water comes into contact with their fur that they become disgruntled. It seems to be an instinctual avoidance behavior. They explain that cats have dense fur and when it becomes wet, the water weighs them down and makes their fur heavy and uncomfortable. Cats are agile creatures but when their fur is soaked, they lose some of their agility due to the excessive weight of the water. Another reason that cats seem to hate water is that they’re not made to interact with bodies of water. Most cats originated in dry regions. It’s not an element that the ancestors of modern cats had interactions with. In short, it’s not been a part of their evolutionary history.

My kitten never got the "cats hate water" software installed (she still loves water now) [OC] from aww

Another reason

why cats detest getting wet is because of their keen sense of smell. They can detect chemicals in tap water. Cats can detect scents far better than humans and it could be a deterrent. Some cats may hate water because of negative experiences they’ve had as kittens. Another reason cats hate water is that they experience a lack of control. Their instincts for agility experience the effect of a wet blanket thrown over them because, in essence, that is precisely what is happening. Set surfaces are slippery, the water weighs them down and it causes every instinct within them to go awry. Cats do not like the experience of being wet, in general. Most cats prefer to have a dry coat and to walk on dry surfaces. They’ll walk around puddles and avoid traveling through sprinkler systems in the yard.

Do some cats like water?

Some cats are exceptions to the rule. Some cats do not fear water and you may see them enjoying baths or even exposing themselves to water. Some cat breeds are more likely to enjoy the water than others. for example, the Turkish Van is a breed that has a waterproof coat that doesn’t hold water. You may see them swim occasionally. The kittens sometimes play in the water. Another breed that enjoys the water is a Maine Coon. It’s a cat breed that also has water-resistant coats. We’re starting to see a pattern in cat behaviors emerge here. Cats with water-resistant coats are the most likely to be okay with a bath. Maine Coons were used on sailing vessels to help keep the rat population under control. It’s a breed that is historical, used to being around large bodies of water. Abyssinian cats are also comfortable around water. They’re known to dip their paws in a bowl of water or a bathtub before entering. They’re naturally curious and will try almost anything. The breed was exported by boat throughout the world.

Should you bathe your cat?

Cats rarely need a bath. They’re clean animals who groom themselves meticulously with their tongues. They’re experts at getting out mats in the fur with their teeth and smoothing down their luxurious coats. It’s why they get furballs in their stomachs and occasionally hack them up. Pets Best explains that it’s not usually necessary to bathe a cat unless he is dirty or if there is a medical reason. If you are required to bathe your cat, it’s best to find ways to make the experience less stressful for your pet. It’s a good idea to fill the tub before putting the cat in the water. If you line the tub with a folded towel, it may provide an added sense of security with something to hold onto versus a slippery surface. It may help to quell the feeling of helplessness. Pour the water over your cat with a pitcher or other container. Avoid using a running faucet. The sound of running water can create fear and anxiety. Be careful when you clean around the eyes, nose, and other parts of his face. Speak in a gentle and soothing voice to reassure your cat during the process. Cats can sense tension and anxiety in humans. If you remain calm and relaxed, it will help him feel less stressed. Above all, take precautions to avoid getting bitten or scratched during the bathing process. Even the kindest and gentlest cat may bite or scratch when the fear instinct kicks in. Only bathe your cat when it is necessary.

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