Humane Society Offers new ‘Office Cat’ Program

Have you ever heard of an office cat? Probably not many have, however, the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo has started a new program and is offering a new program, known as the “office cat program.” What exactly is this program? It is a program where the humane society encourages cat friendly businesses to “adopt,” “hire,” or “foster” office cats to come in and be a part of their office. There are many reasons why a humane society would do this and it makes sense.

The humane society needs help in finding cats their permanent homes, and if an office could take a cat, or two, and keep them in their office for the office personnel to take care of, love and help participate in finding them a home, it would not only give the Humane society more help for finding homes, but it would also free-up some space for other cats that need to come into the shelter.

Offices and businesses that decide to try the program, agree to use social media to help find new, permanent homes for the kitties, as well as they would agree to provide the cat with all that it needs for care giving; litter, litter box, food, toys, bed, etc. They will also take care of the cat and give it all it needs in way of care and love and attention. The Humane society provides the adoptable cat, healthcare if needed, and carrying crate.

Companies that are getting involved with the program say that it is not only beneficial for the Humane society and the cat, but for the employees, too. It gives employees a stress reliever to have a furry little friend they can turn to when they feel stressed in the office. It has also proved to be a good way to improve job performance in employees, so, so far, it is a win-win situation. More businesses should get involved and foster an “office cat.”


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