Can Cats Eat Arugula?


Cat lovers share their lives with their furry companions. This includes sitting down to enjoy snacks at mealtimes. It’s just one of the ways we bond with other humans and with our pets, but some human foods are not good for felines. Some foods are downright toxic. It’s essential to know which foods are safe and better yet healthy for your cat before you share your snack or meal with him. One of the questions asked is can cats eat arugula? If this is a food that you’re considering sharing with your cat, here is everything you need to know about cats and arugula, the risks, and the benefits.

Can cats eat arugula?

Arugula is not toxic to cats, so technically, your cat can eat arugula, but there are some considerations to be made before feeding in large quantities. According to Excited Cats, there are health benefits and risks associated with arugula when it is fed to cats. Arugula is not a natural food for felines. Introducing arugula into your cat’s diet is much like feeding him any other type of vegetable that is non-toxic. Too much can lead to digestive issues.

Possible issues when feeding arugula to cats

There are a few things about arugula and cats to be aware of. The first is that it is not a part of his natural diet. The second is that any vegetable may contain trace amounts of pesticides. These are the two main concerns when introducing any new vegetable product into your cat’s diet, even if it’s just as an occasional snack. The third issue is how the food is prepared.

Cat digestion with arugula

Your cat is a carnivore by nature. His digestive system is designed to process animal proteins. Even though arugula is non-toxic, when fed in large amounts, the plant fiber is something new for his system. He may not have the proper enzymes in his digestive system to properly break down plant matter and process it like he does animal proteins. If your cat eats too much arugula in one setting, he may get an upset stomach. In some extreme cases, cats can also feel sickened and vomit or get diarrhea from eating too much plant fiber.

Cats and pesticides

Arugula that is purchased commercially has likely been grown with the use of pesticides unless it’s from the organic section. Even trace amounts of these chemicals can make your cat sick. The solution is to thoroughly wash the arugula before it is prepared and used in a meal for humans and cats. Washing arugula removes the threat.

Methods of preparation

The way that you prepare the arugula is important if you plan to feed it to your cat. Arugula is generally used in salads as a complementary ingredient. If you feed your cat arugula from a salad, it’s important to make sure that there are no other toxic ingredients in the salad. Onions, garlic, and salad dressings are not healthy for cats and can make them sick. Plain arugula, on the other hand, is healthy for cats.

Benefits of Arugula for cats

Arugula is loaded with healthy nutrients that can be healthy for your cat. Cat Time points out that although too much arugula can cause digestive upsets, it can also promote healthy digestion in cats that tolerate the plant fiber. When fed in small amounts and plain, arugula can give your cat’s digestive system a boost. The key is to offer in small portions. Monitor for any problems before offering him more.

Nutritional value of arugula for cats

Catvills reports that there are multiple nutrients in arugula that could help to supplement your cat’s regular diet when fed occasionally and in small amounts. Here is a rundown of the nutritional value of arugula for felines.

Vitamin A

Arugula provides vitamin A which promotes healthy cell growth, vision, and immune function. It can help pregnant cats by promoting healthy fetal development. Vitamin A can help your cat to have healthy eyesight and keep him from getting sick.


Arugula contains potassium which is a mineral that promotes the development and function of a healthy nervous system.


The calcium in arugula is an essential nutrient in any cat diet. It promotes healthy dental and bone development and strength. It also helps your blood to clot normally. Calcium works in conjunction with other nutrients to promote overall health and wellness.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C in arugula gives your cat a boost in his immune system.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K in arugula is an essential vitamin that promotes healthy blood clotting in the event of an injury.

Folic Acid and Folate

Another name for these essential nutrients is vitamin B9. It helps your cat to form healthy red blood cells. it also promotes normal and healthy cell growth and repair. Arugula may be combined with other foods that are healthy for cats to supplement a healthy and balanced diet. For example, it may be chopped and mixed with his regular cat food, or mixed in with healthy proteins such as poultry, fish, or beef that is fully cooked.

Final thoughts

Cats can eat arugula in most cases. There is nothing toxic or harmful in this healthy green vegetable when it is fed in small amounts. It’s nutritious and can make a wonderful supplement for your cat’s diet. Just remember it’s not a natural part of his diet. Some cats may experience digestive upset. As long as arugula is washed, offered in small portions occasionally, and fed plain without other ingredients, it can give your cat the boost of additional nutrients in his diet. Feed your cat arugula and then monitor him for any possible digestive reactions. If he has no problems after the first feeding, you’re good to go. Arugula is a vegetable that you can feel good about sharing with your cat.

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