Why You Should Consider Feeding Your Cat a Raw Food Diet


Before cats were domesticated and fed pre-packaged, processed diets, they were left to their own devices to live and thrive. And lo and behold, they were just fine doing that on their own with very little stress. They were able to kill their prey, eat it and they didn’t take the time to cook it and package it before they did so. No, they ate their food raw, and it’s something that many of us raise our eyebrow about when we consider a raw food diet for a cat. After all, why bother with something like that when it’s so simple to go to the store and pick up some food in a bag or metal container to feed our cats? There’s no point in going raw when you have options, right? Wrong; there is a point in going raw. You might not realize this now, but your cat can actually benefit from a raw food diet. It’s not something you have to do, or should even consider if you’re not into it, but it’s something that you might want to learn more about before you make that final decision as to how you want to feed your feline friend.

Remember what’s Important

Cats, believe it or not, are natural carnivores. They eat fish and mice and other small creatures that they can capture, and they’ve been doing this for centuries. Your cat might not do that but if you have an indoor cat and it doesn’t get out, how would you know whether or not he might attempt to eat a raw food diet that includes as many small animals as he can get his paws on?

Many of the main nutrients cats need to thrive and survive come from raw meat and other organs that are found in the animals that they consume. This means that they will get the nutrients they need from a raw food diet. Sure, many cat food manufacturers place these nutrients in their cat food so that cats do get what they need, but it’s not natural and it’s not always the best for your cat. Because cats are carnivores by nature, why not consider feeding them a raw food diet?

Health Concerns

Another one of the most common reasons people consider their own raw food diet for cats is that their cat might have some health concerns. There could be a myriad of issues from which your cat might suffer that might allow your cat to benefit from a raw food diet. Your cat might not be able to receive the kind of nutrients it needs to survive from the food that you’re currently feeding the cat, and your cat’s health might improve if it is fed a raw food diet. This is something you might want to discuss with your vet if you’re considering making this change. Your vet might have some concerns about your cat’s specific health needs, or he or she might be on board with you feeding your cat a raw food diet. It’s all dependent on the health of your cat and its personal needs. Your vet might even recommend that you switch to a raw food diet simply because it might improve the cat’s overall health.

Cat Food Concerns

If you have a cat, you probably pay close attention to the many recalls and concerns that involve many of the cat foods available to purchase these days. It seems that every so often there is a new cat food being recalled and taken off shelves for some such issues or another, and it’s becoming dangerous for many people to buy these foods and feed them to their cats. If you feed your cat a raw food diet, you don’t have to worry about recalls from processed foods that are on the market. Of course, you do have other things to worry about, this just happens to be one of the main considerations when it comes to buying cat food off the shelf in the middle of the pet food store.

Your Cat Could Live Longer

There is some medical belief that cats that consume a raw diet will live longer, healthier lives. The belief is that when cats are getting the nutrients they require to survive, they are being given a chance to live longer. Their bodies are being given the kind of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients necessary to live, and that’s making their immune systems stronger and more impressive. When a cat has a better immune system, your cat is more likely to live longer and far healthier.

There are some other medical studies that have been done that report cats that eat a raw diet are healthier as a whole because they are not being given processed foods. What this might mean for your cat is a decreased risk of many health issues that are sometimes thought to be caused by the food that they consume. There are cat owners that believe what they want to believe, but it does seem that more and more vets are on board with the concept that cats are healthier if they are treated like cats and fed like cats rather than fed processed food from the store.

Is Raw Food Right for Your Cat?

Those in support of a raw food diet for cats are going to suggest that you switch right now. Others will suggest that you switch a little at a time so as not to shock and overwhelm your cat’s system by changing up its entire diet all at once. Others will suggest that this is a mistake and that your cat is just fine eating the food you bought off the shelf at the supermarket. The truth is that a raw food diet is not bad for your cat, but it is something you should discuss with your vet so you understand just how it works, what it does and how to ensure your cat is receiving all that it needs to survive.

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