10 Facts You Didn’t Know about the Domestic Medium Hair Breed

People enjoy cats for all different kinds of reasons. However, most people don’t really stop to think about what breed of cat they have when they pick one up, especially if they’re not looking for a purebred.

It’s odd how some people seem to focus more on breeds of dogs than cats, assuming that all cats are virtually the same. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the most popular breeds of cats around is not really a breed in and of itself, but more of a conglomeration of several different breeds that have all come together over the years.

It’s the domestic medium hair cat. Below are 10 things about this cat that you might not know. However, if you’re interested in owning one of these cats, it’s important that you read through the list and take a moment to commit it to memory.

1. They have a double coat

These cats actually have a coat that’s similar to dogs, having both an inner coat and an outer coat. This requires you to provide a little more maintenance for them than you might initially think, because they have a tendency to develop hairballs if you don’t keep them well-groomed.

2. They come in a variety of colors

There is virtually no color that these cats don’t come in. Since the domestic medium hair is a conglomerate of several different breeds, all kinds of colors have been incorporated over the years.

3. Patterns can differ widely

Just like the color of the cat can vary a great deal, so to can the patterns of its coloration. It’s not really all that uncommon to have two solid colored cats produce kittens that have several different color combinations on their bodies. It all goes back to the ancestry of the cat and the most dominant genes over the last two or three generations, especially.

4. Body types can vary

Since the term domestic medium hair is really a catch-all term for nearly all cats with this type of coat, body types can vary a great deal. Some people end up with a cat that has a more refined body type similar to a Siamese and others have cats that are much more stocky when it comes to their build.

5. There can be major variations in weight

Because body types do vary so much with the domestic medium hair cat, it’s not at all uncommon to see some cats that weigh as little as 11 pounds and others that weigh a little over 20 pounds. Obviously, there is a lot of difference involved here. Part of the deal when owning one of these cats is that you’re not really sure exactly how big it will get when you get one as a kitten.

6. They need to be groomed often

Remember that part about them having a double coat? This means that you have to put forth some effort when it comes to grooming. Ideally, they should be brushed at least once a week. This is something that seems to take a lot of people by surprise, as most individuals just don’t think about the idea of grooming a cat.

7. They work well for people with limited experience

If you’ve never owned a cat before, the domestic medium hair is a good place to start. Some cats are a lot more difficult than others, but cats that fall into this category typically have fairly good temperaments. Obviously, you’ll have to meet each cat individually and judge for yourself when it comes to deciding if the two of you can get along or not. As a whole, domestic medium hair cats seem to be about as laid-back as a cat is likely to get.

8. Personalities can change a lot

That doesn’t necessarily mean that a cat will be friendly one day and mean the next. More accurately, it describes the wide range of different personalities that different cats possess. Since this isn’t technically a breed, they incorporate all kinds of traits that are as widely varied as their color combinations.

9. Several different breeds are incorporated

Since this isn’t technically a breed, it’s important to remember that the domestic medium hair is a catch-all term that incorporates several different breeds. In fact, it’s probably possible to find traces of just about every breed in the ancestry of these cats.

10. They’re related to domestic shorthair cats

You might have guessed this already because of the name, but there’s probably something you didn’t know. Two domestic medium hair cats can easily produce a domestic shorthair or even a domestic longhair cat.

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