The Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World


We hope you’re reading this website because you love cats.  And if you’ve never owned one before we hope that our articles can help guide you in making a decision.  While money should hopefully be a last factor in your decision, it does impact many people when it comes to purchasing their cat.   So here we decided to provide you with a list of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.   Good luck!


Sphynx – This is the cat breed known for its hairlessness and history.   However, they’re also one of the more easy going cat breeds as well as one of the smartest.  Best you didn’t know that one! Price Tag is $300-$3000


Scottish Fold – With a Scottish Fold, at birth,  their ears will look normal but after three weeks they’ll begin to fold back hence their name. . These are great family cats.  They are laid back and even those with other pets or small children would be wise to adopt one because they can easily adapt.  Price tag is $500-$3000

Savannah Cat pictures

Savannah – The Savannah is a hybrid cat between a wild exotic cat and a domestic cat.   Their breed has been questioned over recent years but still, they are popular, and quite pricey!  Price tag is$400-$20,000


Russian Blue – Russian Blues are one of the most affectionate cat breeds.  They are also loyal to their owners.   A Russian Blue will take a while to warm up to a person but once they do you’ve got a friend for life.  Price tag is $350-$3000


Peterbald –  This breed is originally from Russia.  They are hairless like the Sphynx but not quite as much.  The Peterbald can be affectionate as well as loyal.  Price tag is $500-$3000


Manx – The Manx cat is most well known for looking like it doesn’t have a tail.  Well, that’s because they don’t.   Many Manx cats have stubs but most are entirely tail-less.  They are also great companion pets and known to be pretty smart, even trainable.  Price tag is $800-$4000


Maine Coon – They’re the second most popular cat breed in the United States.  Maine Coons tend to be impressively large.  They are the ones you see in all the pictures on the web where owners are holding them over their head.  In fact one Maine Coon was measured at over 4 feet long!  Price tag is $1000.


British Shorthair – British Shorthair is often referred to as the “bulldog” of the cat world.   The have those cute round heads like bulldogs coupled with amazing golden eyes. Price tag is $500-$1500


Bengal – The Bengal is a hybrid cross between an Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat. They can have the coat of a leopard but a gentle, tender and friendly personality. Price tag is $1000-$4000


Ashera – It is a hybrid mix of an African Serval and Asian Leopard cat plus the genes of a domestic cat. Asheras can weigh up to 40 pounds and they are so rare that only about four to five of them are created each year. Price tag is $22,000-$125,000

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