Ear Mites in Cats Can Cause Hearing Loss

Ear Mites in Cats

Ear Mites in Cats is one of the most common problems that felines face.  Even when you keep your animals indoors they can get these nasty little creatures living in their ears.  Not only are Ear Mites in Cats annoying to the animal they can also cause a lot of health issues. Under a microscope these parasites resemble tiny crabs and can imbed themselves deep inside the ear cannel.

If you notice your pet is scratching a lot more than normal, it’s a sure sign that they are suffering from this condition.  Also, if you notice blood either fresh or dried around the ear canal it probably means they have these nasty little bug crawling around in their canals. While some of you might think this is gross but you should smell your pet’s ears.  If a foul odor is present this is another sign of the condition.  But the only sure way to know if your animal has this issue is to take them to the Vet.  They will be able to look at your animal and determine the real problem.  If left untreated they can cause your feline friend to lose its hearing completely.

While the ears are the main place these parasites like to live, they can also spread all over the body.  They will often crawl in the hair and can become a widespread problem for the animal. This nasty problem can also move to other pets inside the home. So stopping at its source is the only sure way to eliminate this problem.  Bedding and anything your animal has touched will also have to be cleaned with very hot water and soap to kill any remaining bugs.  Over the counter spray can also be purchased to help rid your home of these invaders.

The Vet will treat your animal with medicated drops that will help kill these parasites.  If found on other regions of the body; a medicated shampoo will have to be applied.  There are also medicines that can be applied monthly to help keep these nasty creatures from hindering your feline.  So make sure to talk to your Vet about which treatment approach is right for your animal.  Remember these parasites can cause hearing loss so don’t wait around with this issue.

Image via Miss Molly Mago at Flickr.com

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