Who are the Most Famous Cats of Celebrities?


Cats are cute. They’re (usually) fluffy and (usually) cuddly and (usually) sweet and we love that about them. Cat owners are proven to live longer, more fulfilling lives. We’ve discussed in the past the fact that cat owners are often the kind of people who are less stressed and anxious than others thanks to the fact that they have the ability to go home and lovingly stroke their animals as a way of relieving stress. And we love that cats are always so self-reliant and independent. We love that they don’t ever seem to “need” us the way that so many other animals act. They’re not as mean and judgmental as so many people believe that they are, and we love that. Cats are just awesome. And what’s even more awesome about cats is that when a celebrity gets a cat of their own, we get to see so much of that animal. We just can’t get enough of cats, and when famous people show theirs off to the world, we really can’t get enough.

Meredith Swift

Who wouldn’t just kill to belong to Taylor Swift? Meredith is the sweet first kitten of this famous super star, and she’s mostly with her ‘mom’ wherever she goes. She can’t go on world tours with her mother, but she does go a lot of places with her, and that’s sweet. This adorable kitten with her folded ears is so sweet and so adorable that we just cannot get enough of her. We love this kitten, and we know you will too. Meredith is actually named for the lead character in Grey’s Anatomy and Taylor Swift has said time and time again she likes to name her animals after her favorite female actresses on television. No, she doesn’t name them after the actresses; she actually names them after the characters they play.

Sarfati Michele

She’s the biggest fan of Lea Michele, but I guess if she’s feeding us we’d be her biggest fans, too. This sweet little cat is the one that belongs to Glee star Lean Michele and she’s very sweet. She has her own Twitter page she uses to tell her fans just how pretty  Michele looked on the red carpet to how amazing she was in her episodes of her television show. In fact, most of her tweets are about her mother and how wonderful she is. We love the name Sarfati, also. We have no idea what it means or where the actress found it, but we do love the name so this cat gets huge points in our book.

All of Ellen DeGeneres’ Cats

She has three cats, and they’re all adorable. We love to watch her talk show and see photos of her cats hanging out with her two dogs. We love to see photos of her cats in bed with her and her wife, with their dogs and taking over the house like they own it. DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are very big animal activists who support a myriad of animal charities and places that rescue and support animals. They live in a large house with a lot of land so that they can house their many animals comfortably, and cats and dogs aren’t their own pets.

Ian Somerhalder’s Cats

We don’t know their names, but we know he has three cats of his own in Atlanta where he lives filming “The Vampire Diaries,” and we know he does post a lot of photos of his cats on the internet. We love a hot guy with cats, and this is no exception. Even if it does seem a bit strange that a vampire would make for such a cat guy, we love the fact that he so obviously loves his animals and appreciates their role in his life.

Graham Sheeran

When Ed Sheeran adopted a kitty that needed rescuing, he went ahead and named it Graham. Graham Sheeran is just amazing. This cat is cute, and his owner is one of our favorite singers. It totally helps when a guy loves a cat. Since men are more often described as dog guys and women are crazy cat ladies, we love seeing a man so unapologetically in love with his feline friend. This becomes especially true when the cat is one that was recently rescued. A rescue cat is a good cat; I should know since I do have one of my own at home.

Prada Malik

This sweet cat is the one who has its own twitter page and belongs to the famous Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. The man in what is perhaps the most famous musical boy band of the decade is a cat guy, and people love that. No one expects to see famous men loving on their cats, which is always so sweet and so much fun. We love this cat because it is just darn adorable. And who doesn’t love the name Prada for a cute cat? We do not know what kind of cat this is, but we categorize it as cute. And that’s all that matters. We wonder if this cat has the same kind of great taste its name so implies. We don’t know, but we like to imagine that it does have a lovely collection of handbags and loafers – even though we know it’s not true. Or do we?

Tuts the Cat

The cat that belongs to Justin Bieber was once the envy of all cats. These days, it is not so much. The Biebs has been in a lot of trouble recently, and that makes for a sad day for Tuts the Cat. We don’t know who is taking care of this sweet cat when his owner is out and about getting into trouble and causing problems, and that makes us sad. Cats should have owners who are with them as often as possible and love them more than they love themselves. Hopefully the Biebs will get his act together sooner rather than later and fix this issue.

Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images

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