Five Cat Breeds That Actually Like Water

If you are a person who has had both cats and dogs, you will probably have noticed that these two species have very different attitudes towards water. Although breeds of dogs can differ and some individual dogs have a dislike of water, most dogs see water as something that is fun. They will run through puddles, launch themselves into ponds, and many even adore having their bath. Some dogs are so excited by having a bath that they have an attack of the ‘zoomies’ after being bathed, racing around the house in excitement. On the other hand, cats are known for their hatred of water. They will avoid ponds and puddles at all costs, and they hate being in the rain so much that they will seek shelter during a downpour. Some cats will even avoid leaving the house at all at the slightest sign of a shower.

Any cat owner who has attempted to bathe their cat will tell you that attempting to immerse a cat in water is a risky activity, and some would even describe it as an ordeal. Many cat owners have suffered at the paws of a cat when they have attempted to give it a bath, as most cats will fight, scratch, and bite to avoid this ordeal. There are very few cats that will obediently stand still in the water and allow a human to pour on more water and give them a quick shampoo. While this stereotypical image of cats hating water is true in most cases, many people are surprised to learn that there are some cat breeds that do not mind water, and many are attracted to the water as it is a source of fun and play for them. Here are five cat breeds that actually like water.

1. Sphynx Cats

Many people refer to Sphynx Cats as a hairless breed, although this is not strictly speaking true as most cats of this breed do have a very fine layer of transparent hair. However, they do have a very distinctive appearance that gives the impression that these cats have no hair. It is this breed’s lack of hair that possibly explains why they are one of the cat breeds that do not dislike water. Other breeds of cats are protected from rain, cold, and water by their coat. As Sphynx Cats do not have this, it is possible that they build up a tolerance from a young age, says Woman’s Day.

2. Maine Coon

Another cat breed that is known for its love of water is the Maine Coon. This is a naturally occurring cat breed that is native to Maine, and it is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. One of their most distinctive features is their thick, long coat, says I Heart Cats. This playful breed’s water-repellant coat protects it from the cold and wet weather. One of their known personality traits is their affinity towards water. They even have a long history that links them to the water, as they were historically used as ship cats in New England.

3. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cats have many amazing qualities that make them excellent pets. They have a fun personality and are known for their animated expressions and agility. Another of their qualities is that they love water. Unlike many other cat breeds that will avoid water whenever possible, Turkish Angoras get excited when they have the chance to plat in water and get wet. This breed is also known for its intelligence, and it is considered one of the easiest cat breeds to train. Although people generally think of Turkish Angoras with white coloration, they are available in many coat colors.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

As the name of this breed suggests, its origins are in the Norwegian forests. As the breed evolved, its thick fur helped it to survive the harsh Scandinavian winters. Their coat is distinctive as their hair is long, thick, glossy, and water-shedding. Norwegian Forest Cats even have a woolly undercoat for additional insulation. Now, this is now as one of the hardiest breeds of cats as the cold and rain do not seem to trouble them at all. These cats are playful, interactive, people-friendly, energetic, and intelligent. On the downside, they are also very demanding of attention.

5. Japanese Bobtails

Japanese Bobtails are a beloved cat in their home country. This breed is often featured in Japanese literature, folklore, and popular culture. The name of the breed comes from the fact that they originate in Japan and nearby Southeast Asian countries, and because it has a small tail that resembles that of a rabbit. These cats come in almost any color and in various patterns with combinations of colors, although the predominantly white calicoes are the most popular option. There are both short and long-haired versions of this breed. Japanese Bobtails have a mischievous and playful nature, and they are known to love playing in the water. Other personality traits include intelligence, vocalizing, and intelligence. They are a good option for families due to their affectionate nature.

These breeds are not alone in enjoying the water. Some other breeds that are attracted to water include Manx Cats, Turkish Vans, Abyssinians, American Shorthairs, and Bengals. These breeds all disprove the popular misconception and stereotype that all cats hate water. Although these are some of the cat breeds that are known to like water, this does not mean that all cats of these breeds share this passion. Cats are individual creatures, and each has their own likes and dislikes. Just because you have one of these breeds, you cannot guarantee that your cat will love water, and this is not something that you should try to force them to enjoy if they show reluctance. Forcing water on them can have the opposite effect, and it may make them hate water.

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