Five Cat Subscription Services Your Kitty Will Love in 2019

There are a lot of cat lovers out there, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a lot of cat subscription services out there. Those who haven’t checked out these subscription services might want to give them a good look, seeing as how some of them can provide a fair amount of value. After all, cat subscription services are like other subscription services in that they offer not just exceptional convenience but also potential savings in some cases.

Here are some examples of cat subscription services that you should look into for the upcoming year:

Cuddle Crate

Cuddle Crate is an excellent choice for people with more than one kind of pet in their household. This is because there are three separate tiers for this particular service, which are Bronze at $29.95 a month, Silver at $39.95 a month, and Gold at $49.95 a month. Each successive level contains more items for a wider range of pets, with Bronze containing 3 to 5 items for one kind of pet, Silver containing 6 to 8 items for two kinds of pets, and Gold containing more than 9 items for three kinds of pets. Of course, this means that interested individuals can customize, with potential options include not just cats and dogs but also rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs. As for the contents, interested individuals can expect each crate to come with toys, treats, and pet care supplies for the particular kind or kinds of pets that they have chosen.


KitNipBox is a solid choice for people with more than one cat. There is an option for a single cat household at $19.99 a month. However, there is an option for a multi-cat household as well, which comes at $29.99 a month. Generally speaking, subscribers can expect both all-natural treats and good-quality toys to keep cats happy. However, KitNipBox can sometimes include cat health items as well. People with cats with allergies should know that KitNipBox has an option for no treats, which should provide them with some peace of mind.


Meowbox is interesting in that there is a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to ordering options. For example, people can go for a box a month at $22.95, but if they don’t need that many toys and treats, they can go for a box every other month at the same price. On a related note, there are options for buying gift subscriptions as well, which can be great for people who are looking for something to give to the pet lovers in their lives. Naturally, longer subscriptions come with lower per month prices, as shown by $32.95 for a single month, $83.85 for three months, and $137.70 for six months. Each box comes with between 5 and 7 toys and treats, though if cat owners are concerned about cat allergies, they can have the treats substituted with non-food items.


RescueBox is available to interested individuals at $29.95 a month. However, there are subscription options with longer terms that make for lower per month prices, which might interest those who know that they will be interested in getting a regular supply of cat toys and treats for the long run. Having said this, the most notable thing about RescueBox might be how part of the proceeds go to animal welfare organizations that care for less fortunate pet animals. This is important because cat over-population is a serious problem, so much so that animal welfare organizations are often forced to put down cats because they just don’t enough resources to provide adequate care for all of the animals that have been entrusted to them. By subscribing RescueBox, interested individuals will know that some of what they are spending will be used to pay for food as well as medicine for less fortunate cats and other pet animals.


Whiskerbox is very similar to the other cat subscription services mentioned here in that it contains cat toys and treats. However, while the standard option is $34.95 for 4 to 5 items, there is a more expensive option that is $49.95 for 4 to 6 items that can include cat apparel in addition to toys and treats. In other words, for cat owners who like to dress up their pets, this can make Whiskerbox the right choice for them.

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