10 Ways Cats Are Wiser than Humans


Cats are interesting animals. If you’ve never had one of your own, you might not understand just how interesting the cat really is. The cat gives you this look as if you are the most moronic, stupid thing on earth, yet shows you so much love and affection at times that you feel like you hung the moon. A cat will make you feel inferior to its feline prowess and then make you feel like a king for petting it. A cat is independent and intelligent, yet it has figured out how to make you do everything and anything it needs at any given moment. Cats are smart. Sometimes we think they are smarter than humans. We have no real evidence that they are; actually, thye’re not. But that does not stop us from really, honestly thinking that sometimes cats are just smarter than humans. Cats have a way of making us feel as if we are nowhere near as insightful and intelligent as they, yet they also have a way of making us feel that they need us. Want to know why cats seem wiser than people even though they are not? Read on to find out why we feel this way so often.

They Catch Mice

Having never had mice, I can’t say for certain that I feel that I wouldn’t be able to catch them, but I can’t say for certain that I would be able to catch them. The point of this story is that cats catch mice with relative ease but people need a lot of assistance to do this. Don’t you think that this makes them just a little bit wiser than us?

They Get Comfortable Anywhere

We can’t get comfortable anywhere, which makes it miserable for us to fly, spend time in a car and sit at our office desks all day long. But cats have the ability to get comfortable any and everywhere they go and sit. How is this even possible? How is it possible that a cat can literally get comfortable anywhere it goes? Well, it can. And that is one of those things that we feel is just a little bit annoying.

They Sleep All Day

As humans we get nowhere near enough sleep, and that makes us miserable. Yet cats have this way of sleeping all day long and not seeming to appear that they have anything to feel lazy about. They can nap for hours and then sleep all night long. They are so wise that they’ve managed to find people to take care of them so that they can do exactly what it is they want to do all day long and we have nothing to do but care for them on their behalf.

They Don’t Have Jobs

If we could find a way not to have jobs, have a nice house, have plenty of food and nap all day, we would. Cats aren’t worried about mortgage payments and job security. They’re just worried about how much food you’re going to put in that bowl. And they’re not actually even all that worried considering they know you’re going to put plenty of it in there and they’ll be fat and happy.

They Want to be Fat

Most of us are obsessed with staying slender, or trying to become slender. And cats don’t care. They’re not worried what people think of their bodies. The fatter a cat, the better, right? Cats are just happy to lie around, eat and not exercise and we wish we could be just like that. Of course, they don’t live nearly as long as we do, but they’re happy.

They can be Trained to Use a Box and We Have to Clean It

Somehow we have to clean our own toilets unless we hire others to do it for us. Cats just use theirs and know with certainty that someone else is going to come in and clean that out for them without any issues. It must be nice to understand that someone else is always going to clean up your mess and you never have to worry about it.

They are Sneaky

If we try to sneak the last cookie, the kids see us and they are upset. If a cat wants something from the counter, it sneaks up there, gets it and leaves you wondering what on earth happened to that last piece of chicken. It’s scary, really. We wish we could be that sneaky. It would make life a lot easier. Especially early in the morning and when we go in to check on our kids after they fall asleep. They always hear us, though. We need a lesson from the cat.

They Make Fast Friends

Cats love people and they can make a friend in a second. They just have to purr for a quick second and they’re suddenly in the lap of someone new getting a free massage. We have to pay a lot of money for a good massage and we would probably end up in jail if we crawled on someone’s lap and asked them to pet us.

They Make You Feel Inferior

We would love to perfect that withering glance, but we can’t seem to do it. Cats, without even trying, can shoot you one sideways glance that has you wishing you could find the nearest corner in which to hide so that you can quietly cry your eyes out and feel bad about yourself.

They Don’t Socialize Often

As people, we socialize often. Cats, on the other hand, aren’t forced to spend time with anyone they choose not to spend time with. How do they do that? We have to see people we don’t want to talk to or socialize or interact with every single day, but cats can just go about their lives never worrying that they’ll have to have dinner with their boss or mother-in-law. They can just crawl under the bed and take a nap until everyone leaves and then call it a day.

Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images

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