Five Cat Themed Pillows That are Too Adorable to Pass Up

Are you a cat-crazed person who loves everything cats? You’re not alone, and because so many people love cats, and everything cats, more and more products and home décor products are geared towards people just like you. Whether you are just a cat fan, or a cat fanatic, you can have cats that are just as adorable as the real thing, only these cats don’t shed, need to eat, or want anything from you, but to be snuggled with. Sound great? These can make nice pets when you want a cat, or at least the image of a cat, around. I’m referring to cat pillows, and there are many different types of cat pillows, from those you can toss on a couch or in a chair, and even the bed. No matter what your taste, you are sure to find the perfect cat pillow for your favorite spot in the house, that looks like it needs a little attention from a feline. Take a look at five cat-themed pillows that are too adorable to pass up.

5.  Relaximals Cat Kids Reading Pillow $36.30

There have been many pillows of this style popping up, and that is because this is one of the best pillow designs for propping up in bed to read or watch TV, or propping up on the couch or floor. It can even be just a hugging, snuggly pillow to sleep with. It is not only adorable, but a beautifully designed pillow that is perfect for a child who loves cats, or even adults who love collecting a variety of cat collectible items. The pillow is made of super soft, curly chenille so it is extremely soft, and durable for children’s play. It’s also easy to tote from place to place and was even designed with a sturdy handle for easy carrying. For $36.30, you can get one for the your cat-loving child in your life, or one just for you.

4. Kenmont Funny Cat shaped Cushion Stuffed Animal Pillow Pet sofa chair plush throw pillows – $13.90

This plush cotton cat pillow is unique in that it is shaped like a cat, but just shows the outline of cat’s back. It appears the cat has his back to you, looking out a window or watching something off in the distance. It is a sweet rendition of a cat and it can be used as a décor pillow in a chair or on the couch, as a child’s toy, or a functional, snuggling or sleeping pillow. It is a thick design that can be plumped if it begins to become flat from use.

3. Manual Cat Shaped Pillow – $16.80

Manual Woodworkers and Weavers are the designers of this beautiful cat pillow. They have captured the cat, perfectly, it its poised sitting stature, and have turned the picture into a beautiful art pillow. The colors are shades of gray and black, and can go with just about any décor in your home. You can use the cat pillow as a functioning pillow to snuggle and sleep with, or simply as a decorative pillow. If you love cats, this should be added to your collection of cat collectibles. The pillow measures 11 inches wide and 16 inches tall, so you can put it just about anywhere you want to view a beautiful, soft and snuggable cat.

2. Pet Faces Tuxedo Cat Pillow – $19.99

Cat faces are adorable, and this pillow captures the essence of just one of the many expressions a cat makes. The details are great, from the wide eyes, cute little pink nose, the whiskers and it’s little ears, all look like you are looking right into a cat’s face. The details are so realistic because the photo is of a real cat. This is just one of the breeds of cats you can get in this pillow, there are others to choose from. They are all super soft and come with a removable cushion inside. You can use it anywhere you want to snuggle with a cat pillow and when it comes time to cleaning it, just sponge off the spots with a damp sponge.

1. Vintoy Soft Hugging Cat Pillow -$26.99

If you love to lounge around with a huggable pillow, on the floor, on the couch, on the bed, even take it in the car, reading, watching TV, or anytime, this cat pillow is larger than a regular bed pillow, and is very soft because it’s made from the finest PP cotton. You or your kids will enjoy snuggling up to this pillow anywhere. The pillow measures 23.5 x 13 x 5, and is shaped like the body of a cat, including that it has a tail. Kids love Vintoy pillows, and if you’re an adult cat lover, this one is for you too. If you, or your child would love to sleep, snuggle, or lounge on a big cat that won’t run away when you do, try getting some cat time in with this adorable, and sweet-faced cat pillow. It’s one of the top five cat themed pillows that is too adorable to pass up.

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