The Five Most Popular Tabby Cat Names In 2017

Cat names are like human names. When people name their children, some go with the names that are most popular at that time, while some go with names that are more original. For example, the name Jennifer and the name Kayla were very popular names. This often resulted in people having three girls named Jennifer and four girls named Kayla in their class. The same is true with cats. Some people choose the most common cat names of the time and some choose to go with a more original name. If you are planning to adopt a cat, you should know the most popular cat names. If you want your Tabby cat to have one of the most popular names, you can choose one on the list. If you want an original name, you can make sure that you avoid the most popular names.

Bella (Female Name)

Bella is not only a very popular name for cats, it is also a popular name for people and for dogs. This name is Italian for beautiful. The name became especially after the Twilight movies came out. The main character’s name was Isabella “Bella” Swan.

Tigger (Male Name)

Tigger has been a popular name for male cats for generations. The name comes from the character in Winnie the Pooh named Tigger. Tigger is the tiger in the movie, which is part of the cat family. In the cartoon, Tigger is very playful and excitable. Much like most kittens. The name Tigger will likely never lose its popularity because Winnie the Pooh will always be a favorite story of children.

Chloe (Female Name)

The name Chloe is a very popular name for cats. There are a couple reasons for this. First, the name Chloe has become incredibly popular over the past few years. In 2017, it was ranked as the 19th most popular name for girls. Another reason for this name’s popularity could be because of the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. While the chihuahua isn’t a cat, the movie’s most beloved character was voiced by Drew Barrymore and her name was Chloe.

Shadow (Male Name)

The name Shadow has been a popular pet name for many years. The name became especially popular in 1993 when the movie Homeward Bound came out. It was the story of two dogs and a cat who were trying to find their way home. The old, wise dog’s name was Shadow, which made it a popular pet name. Many people who have black cats or cats with a great deal of black in their fur name choose the name Shadow because the cat looks like a shadow.

Simba (Male Name)

The name Simba has been a popular name for male cats since 1994 when the Disney movie, The Lion King came out. It was one of Disney’s most popular movies of all time, and Simba is not only adorable, he is also the hero of the movie. The name has been in the top 5 most popular names for 23 years and it is showing now sign of fading away like many popular cat names do. With Disney talking about releasing a live action version of the much-adored children’s movie which will star many A-list celebrities, the name will likely become even more popular.

Runners Up: There are a few other cat names that deserve mentioning because they are popular as well. These names include Luna, Oreo, Oliver, Kitty, Molly, Smokey, Peanut, and Tiger.

When it comes to the name that you choose for your cat, you should use his fur, his features, and your own personal taste.

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