Meet The Cartoon Cat That Has Its Own Cookbook

Pusheen, the Cartoon Cat takes the cake on the internet! This grey zaftig tabby cat with a quizzical expression began as a comic strip created in 2010 by Claire Barton and Andrew Duff, as a fun addition to their website. In the past ten years, Pusheen has grown in popularity and has quite the social media following. This cartoon cat’s Instagram page has two million followers! On Facebook, Pusheen received almost 9 million likes and has almost as many followers. There you can join other fans to read the latest news, order the newest products, and share the love of these characters online.

Fans seem to have an unquenchable thirst to find out more about Pusheen and her pals. Like any other celebrity, this crafty cat has not divulged her “status” although some have speculated online that she may have a secret relationship. She seems more private than her gal pal Bo, whose bio includes info on having secret crushes and searching for a soulmate. One visit to Pusheen’s home page, can’t help but make even the grumpiest cynic smile. The comic strip features valuable advice concerning kitty dining etiquette, advice from the cat’s dad, and how to treat mom. You can also find answers to perplexing questions such as how to contact aliens and scientific names for plants.

If you want all the information on the cartoon characters is the Pushkeenverse, the site includes bios of all the characters. The cat’s friends include sister Stormy, little brother Pip, and friends Sloth, Cheek, and Bo. Bo is quite interesting in that she is a Parakeet who dreams of being a world-famous interior designer. This is great information if you want to know when to celebrate Pusheen’s birthday or Sloth’s hobbies.

You can shop for all things Pusheen on the website as well. The cat’s brand is featured on a myriad of products. Pretty Cool Ice Cream company has partnered with Barton and Duff to create ice cream treats with whimsical names like Pusheenicorn Party and Pusheen’s Marshmallow Cat Nap. There are stationary, popsockets, plushies, and totes. Never since Hello Kitty has a cat taken the world by the tail like Pusheen has, with an ever-growing fan base. Those who think they don’t know Pusheen has probably seen her image online or on an apron or water bottle and didn’t realize it’s the trendiest cat! Teens in particular have embraced Pusheen and friends. It’s never too early to start holiday shopping, and who wouldn’t want a pair of purple Pusheen socks? If you don’t know what to get that special someone, you can get an online gift certificate so they can have fun shopping for themselves.

Those on a tight budget will be pleased to know that there are many free Pusheen activities and information on the web; however, there are also many resources right on the home page. In addition to the plethora of merchandise, there is also a blog, and quizzes you can take. How much fun it is to discover what “Catfe” drink you are as well as The Pusheen Career Aptitude Test cleverly abbreviated as (C.A.T). For those who like reading their horoscope, try astrology Pusheen style. There is so much fun packed on Pusheen’s home page and all over the internet that the fun is endless. Being on social media means followers always get the latest scoop on this fascinating feline.

In case you were wondering, the name Pusheen is derived from the Irish word for a kitten, Puisin, and of course, felines have been referred to as ‘pussycats” and who can forget “Puss in Boots” who has been featured as a cat food brand, cartoons, and a 2011 film. Yes, some may find it silly to dedicate so much adoration for a cat, a fictional one at that, but there are many devoted fans who follow Pusheen daily to get a dose of cartoon feline joy. As the news has been grim these days and people are spending much more time at home. You would imagine that folks have had their fill of cute cat videos, memes, and emojis. This is not at all the case, as all over the world, people are turning to cute animal videos and blog sites to help relax after a stressful day of bad news and heightened safety precautions.

Staying at home means doing more eating at home. Those who used to grab a quick bite out after work, order takeout, or visit the local bake shoppe have started using their kitchen to create fabulous meals and wonderful comfort food treats. Baking is a real thing again, and families with kids of all ages are enjoying getting creative in the kitchen and having fun eating their finished products. Looking at Pusheen, although she doesn’t seem to have an actual mouth, it’s safe to assume she is a culinary connoisseur, so of course, Pusheen’s official page also has recipes for intriguing treats like Pizza cookies, which combine two of Pusheen’s favorite foods in one delicious recipe. Of course, most of the foods are embossed with Pusheen’s adorable image.

Speaking of food, the coolest new Pusheen brand endeavor is a cookbook entitled “Let’s Bake”, a collection of Pusheen themed sweet treats. The cookbook is a collaboration between artist Claire Belton and Chef Dr. Suzanne Ng. There has never been a better time for the release of the cookbook as it is Pusheen’s 10th anniversary of her first appearance online! “Let’s Bake” contains 40 scrumptious recipes that are sure to please those who are already Pusheen fans and those who are just meeting this social media star. So, during these days of staying safe and mostly staying in, it’s great that Pusheen and her friends have come along to provide a break from everyday reality. In Pusheen’s universe, a sloth, and bird and various cats can get along just fine just being their own individual wonderful selves. Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from this amazing kitty and her pals.

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