Five Things You Didn’t Know About Russian Blue Cats

Not only are Russian Blue cats considered a gorgeous bunch thanks to their sparkling blue coat, they are also pleasant and easy-going by nature. These domestic cats are fiercely devoted pets – some have even gone as far as to call them “picky” – especially when it considers you their owner. While they speak seldom and can amuse themselves very easily. Fun fact: Tom of the famed Tom & Jerry cartoons is considered a Russian Blue because of his gray-blue fur color. 

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Russian Blue cats:

1. Because their saliva and sebum contain less of a certain protein compared to other felines, Russian Blues are considered one of the more hypoallergenic cat breeds.

2. While they have an incredible sparkling blue coat, their shedding level is pretty low. They only need brushing once every several days because they can withstand natural conditions. Also, Russian Blue cats can come in long-haired coats, but that is actually pretty rare.

3. They are a very healthy cat breed, along with a rather long lifespan that lasts about 20 years or so, which is impressive for cat standards! These felines hardly ever suffer from a health disorder.

4. While these guys can be intensely devoted to and affectionate towards those they consider their owners, they can also be incredibly shy around strangers.

5. Russian Blues are quite playful and intelligent creatures that can learn complex and difficult tricks. They are also considered a “dog-like” cat breed, as they enjoy playing retrieving and fetch games as their canine counterparts do!

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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