Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold cats are quite possibly the felines with the need of the lowest maintenance. They tend to be very calm, are very quiet and can manage any type of conditions – even able to manage in the harshest of conditions – making them quite the versatile ones. You can usually spot a Scottish Fold with their distinct folded ears – making them look very similar to owls – but there’s definitely more to them than just their ears!

Here are five things you didn’t know about the Scottish Fold:

1. Scottish Folds are known for posing in unique positions. They can go from sitting up like a meerkat to laying down on their backs like a sea otter or even just spread out.

2. Despite their name, Scottish Folds are actually born with straight ears and look like any other cat until they are about a month old. If their ears are going to fold, it would happen at the month mark.

3. If you breed two Scottish Fold cats, they are very highly to have kitten bone disorders. Straight-eared Scottish Folds, however, are completely healthy and are not connected to a specific health disorder.

4. One important health issue the breed has is their tendency to develop Polycystic kidney disease, which usually shows up in their later years and can be a serious issue if it’s not treated properly or on time.¬†

5. While they like to be cuddled, all Scottish Folds are not lap cats – like many felines. However, they do like to sleep in bed with their owners; be ready to share your bed with them!

Photo Source: Theresa Fouche

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