Five Things You Don’t Know About Pixie Bob Cats

If your family is looking into adopting a cat, you just might want to think about getting a pixie bob. While they may look wild, pixie bob cats are mild in behavior and have an unusually strong bond and loyalty to their families. They are often calm and relaxed as well as outgoing and talkative. Unlike many other cat breeds, these little guys love to travel in the car, and these well-mannered cats also tend to get along with other pets.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about pixie bob cats:

1. Pixie bobs are known to be very good with children and are extremely patient with children, especially when compared to other cats, making them ideal for families. 

2. The pixie bob cat’s facial hair makes it look like they have muttonchop sideburns.

3. Here’s a bit of history for you: the pixie bob breed is believed to have begun with the accidental mating of a bobcat and a barn cat in Washington state, which produced a kitten named Pixie. Pixie thus became the “mother” of the breed in 1985. This has never been proven genetically, but it is a widely believed story and is continuously passed on.

4. One thing that makes pixie bobs unique is that they are the only polydactyl breed recognized, meaning they can have anywhere from six or seven toes on each foot – which is more than the usual amount of toes for cats. (Go ahead, check out their feet!)

5. Pixie bobs can sometimes be confused with the American bobcat, however the two are two completely different breeds.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/ San Francisco Zoo/Getty Images

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