Five Things You Should Know About the Teacup Persian Cat


Teacup Persian cats have recently made their mark on the scene, becoming very popular with the masses now. Because of many people live in smaller houses and apartments due to space restrictions, these adorable miniature felines are in high demand since they don’t take up much room at all. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian scooped up a sweet rescue pup for herself!

Here are five things you should probably know about the teacup Persian cat:

1. The difference between regular Persian cats and teacup Persian cats is their size. A normal female cat weighs from eleven to fourteen pounds and a male cat can go up until seventeen pounds, while a teacup goes from about three up to eight pounds.

2. Aside from their small stature, they have a great temperament and are very tolerant with children, which makes them ideal family pets.

3. While they may be significantly smaller than their normal-sized Persian cats counterpart, they are still Persians and are susceptible to the bountiful health problems that normal-size Persian cats are, include urinary tract disorders, Lupus, eyelid cysts and other cancers.

4. Teacup Persians have not been recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association and their cat breed registry.

5. The angel doll-faced Teacup Persian Cats are by far the most popular type of Persian cats.

Photo Source: Pictures of Cats

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