Five Tips to Prevent Your Cat From Being Poisoned


When it comes to taking care of our feline friends, many of go to great lengths.  Many of us buy the most expensive foods and we always take them to the Vet for their annual checkup.  While these are both really good things to do, there are some things that we pet owners often ignore.  You see, we overlook things that could be potential harmful to our cats.

Being poisoned is a really huge problem, when it comes to cats.  Many felines are rushed to Vets every year, because they have ingested something potentially deadly.  The things that can poison cats are very common items that we often never give a second thought about.

Today we are going to go over five tips, which will help prevent your pet from being poisoned.  So make sure to take note, so that your cat will always remain safe.

  1. While we might not think about it, but bringing a new plant into the home can be very dangerous. You see, many houseplants if ingested can harm and even kill your pet.  So before bringing in a new plant inside, always look it up online to see if it will harm your feline friend.
  2. Sometimes we drop medications on the floor. These pills can be really tiny and hard to find.  But instead of just leaving it on the floor, make sure to search for it and dispose of it properly.
  3. Allowing your cat some outside time is a great way for them to get exercise. But cats can be very curious animals.  So make sure to always keep a close eye on your kitty.  Many things such as used motor oil and anti-freeze can kill your cat.
  4. Toothpaste can also harm your pet. This minty paste may smell really good to your pet.  Even a tiny bit can be harmful, so make sure to properly store your toothpaste in a safe place.
  5. Cat proof your home just like you would if you were baby proofing it. The same things that can harm our children can also harm our pets.

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