Five Things you Didn’t Know about Siamese Cats

Siamese Cat

There are many things about the Siamese breed that are well known. Take for instance their vocalizations.  Many people, who have owned these cats, know that they can be very loud at times.

But today we are going to learn five fun facts that you might not know about these beautiful animals.  There is a lot of information that many of you probably don’t know about this lovely breed. So let’s get started learning more about them!

  1. The Siamese are very old cats and they have been recorded in ancient text. But these cats were largely unknown in the western world and only started appearing in the 19th  While it’s not clear why these cats took so long to come to the west, they are very popular today.
  2. These cats are considered a natural breed. Meaning that they were not actively breed.  There look came from nature and humans didn’t play a role in the development of these cats in the past.  But modern day breeders now selectively breed these animals.
  3. These cats are super good at climbing and can scale a fence in a matter of seconds. This is one reason these cats need to be kept indoors.  They can climb very high into trees, without realizing just how high up they have gone.  Many fire departments have been called out due to these very agile felines.
  4. They can suffer from asthma just like us humans and need to be specially treated for the condition. While not all of these cats get asthma, it has become a common problem.  When selective breeding is ignored, this problem will often show up in the offspring.  So you should always ask the person you are getting your new animal from, if there has been a family history of asthma in the parent animals.
  5. A very intelligent animal, these cats can learn how to do tricks and they will even play fetch. This is very amazing to watch and if you have ever seen these cats in action, you will be amazed.  Probably one of the smartest breeds on earth, they are often used for TV roles.

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