Five Vet-Recommended Cat Flea Treatments

We know that you love your cat and that you want to do everything that you can to take care of them. This is why it is important to understand various remedies that exist to help your cats live a more comfortable lifestyle. Many people equate fleas as being something that only impacts dogs. This is simply not true. Cats suffer from ticks as well and they can be particularly troublesome to get rid of. If you discover that your cat is suffering for tickets, you will undoubtedly want to do what you can to get rid of them. This requires you to know what some of the available treatments are on the market today. This is not something that you need to rush out to the vet to take care of. In fact, vets have recommended certain cat flea treatments. Each of the five treatments that you are about to read about has been tested on cats by vets and found to be highly effective at getting rid of ticks. You will be doing your cat a great service by paying attention to this post and have the treatment of choice in mind for the next time that your cat ends up with ticks or fleas.

Frontline Plus for Cats

This is a treatment that you will give to your cat each month. It is designed as a monthly treatment that will keep fleas at bay. You will find that the treatment will start to kill fleas with four hours of being administered. It will keep the fleas at bay for an entire month, after which time you will then administer the treatment again. Many vets like Frontline Plus because it starts killing fleas within four hours, but it will completely finish the job inside half a day. Other treatments may take half a day just to begin killing the fleas. It is also quite easy to administer this treatment, as it comes with a tube that you clip and squeeze. It does not leak, which means you are not as likely to end up with chemicals lying around for your little children to come across. While it is a bit more expensive than other treatments, you will find that it brings about the relief that you want your cat to have. However, if you are on a budget, there are other alternatives out there that you can use. Also, keep in mind that this treatment does tend to have a stronger smell attached to it than some of the other similarly positioned cat flea treatment options on the market right now.

Sentry Fiproguard Plus for Cats

This is another monthly flea treatment that has been proven to be highly effective. It is a bit cheaper than Frontline Plus, but it can take up to 12 hours for the fleas to start dying off. You will find that it will keep the fleas away for a month as well, after which time you will repeat the treatment. If you are on a budget, this is a monthly flea treatment option that is certainly worthy of your consideration. It has the same active ingredients at Frontline, but at a cheaper price. Keep in mind that the application process may be a bit messier, so you may end up with some chemicals that you will need to clean up after you apply it to your cat. One thing that is pleasant to note is that this product contains a nice citrus smell to it, which is a lot nicer than the chemical smell attached to many of the other flea treatments available on the market today.

Sentry Capguard

When your cat has fleas, you want to help give them relief as quickly as possible. That is what you will get with Sentry Capguard. This treatment is designed to start killing fleas inside of 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the fleas may not stay away for a monthly like with a monthly treatment. This is a tablet that you will administer to your cat orally. As such, it will destroy the fleas much more quickly because the medication is delivered right to the bloodstream of the cat. The tickets will die right away once the bite into your cat. This means that the fleas will start to die in about 30 minutes, with all of them being gone within a day. The disadvantage of this treatment is that it will not cure the problem. The fleas can come back, as the effect of the medication only lasts for about a day.

PetArmor FastCaps

With PetArmor FastCaps, the fleas that are attacking your cat will be killed within 30 minutes. It is a bit cheaper than Sentry Capguard, but vets will say that it may not be quite as effective. That being said, this is still a treatment that will bring your cat the rapid relief from fleas that you and the pet desire.

Capstar Tablets

This is yet another cat flea treatment that has shown to start working within 30 minutes. Keep in mind that this is also another treatment that is administered orally. Just like PetArmor and Sentry Capguard, the fleas will start to die inside of thirty minutes. If you notice that your cat has a lot of fleas, this a good option to pursue, as it brings about quick relief. The only difference between these three products, essentially, is price. After the treatment is done, then you might consider switching over to a monthly treatment option in order to combat the problem for your cat once and for all,

So, now that you know about the five top cat flea treatments as recommended by vets, you will be better prepared that next time your pet is suffering from this particular malady. You and your cat will be so happy that you use the treatment and get them relief as quickly as popular. You will be able to find these treatments online or in your favorite pet store.

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