20 Things You Didn’t Know About Flame Point Siamese

Flame Point Siamese

Flame Point Siamese refers to a breed of cat identified by prominently red color marks. To determine whether a cat is a Flame Point Siamese, you need to check if it has piercing blue eyes, a red tip on its face and ears, has an orange stripey tail, predominantly white is the remaining parts of the body, and tabby markings for some. According to Pets KB, Flame Point Siamese is a breed resulting from breeding cats from the Siam region currently Thailand known as Siamese cat and another American shorthaired tabby cat which is red. Siamese cat has shorthaired, cream, and brown and uniquely has dark ears, tail tip, and paws while the eyes are blue. It has different names depending on the region. In the United Kingdom, it is known as the Red Point Siamese, while in the United States of America, it is known as Color Point Shorthairs. Here are twenty things you may not have known about the Flame Point Siamese.

1. Flame Point Siamese is a rare breed

The breed is very rare among this class of cats. This is attributed to, among many reasons, the tendency of the cat breeders to be oriented toward pure breed for Siamese as opposed to a mixed breed that would yield Flame Points breeds. The other reason is the low number of female species of Flame Points. The genetic formation that leads to the development of the Red Flame Points has been described as being intricate hence the few female Flame Points. The outcome is that few males are born, making it difficult for breeders to get the Flame Point Siamese.

2. Activeness

Flame Point Siamese cats are constantly very active. They run everywhere all day long. They have a lot of energy, and they need to exercise to burn fat. They love to jump a lot and cannot get enough of playing their favorite games and toys. These cats need to be trained, and they should not be left alone. When left alone, Flame Point Siamese can be naughty and destructive. They are not the type to be left to sleep and stay alone all day.

3. Size of Flame Point Siamese

These cats are described as being averagely sized compared to other breeds. According to Pet Haver, the male cats are larger than their female counterparts. The height of an adult Flame Point Siamese rages between fifteen to twenty inches. However, since this breed is a result of mix-breeding there is a possibility of having either a small or bigger than the average cat. This is because the height will also be determined by the original size of the parent cats. In terms of weight, the male is heavier than the female, with the male averaging up to seven Kilograms while the female is about five kilograms.

4. Need attention

One thing you should note about the Flame Point Siamese cats is that they are very much attached to their owner in that they demand a lot of attention all day. You cannot leave them alone for a long time. It’s either you get them another cat to give them company, or you create a place for them to climb or buy them a lot of toys. Flame Point Siamese cats cannot stay for long without knowing their owner. They are affectionate, and this originates from the Siamese genes. When left alone for a long time, they become depressed and anxious. They can become jealous of anyone near their owner due to their need for attention.

5. Lifespan of Flame Point Siamese

A normal Siamese cat shall live for about twelve years to about 15years. According to Just Agric, this lifespan is not a rule of thumb. The lifespan is also determined by other factors such as the environment and nutrition. Therefore, your Flame Point Siamese can live longer than 15 years. It is also important to note since this breed is very social, giving it attention and a friendly environment can prolong its lifespan.

6. Price of Flame Point Siamese

Several factors will determine the price of a Flame Point Siamese. For one, this being a rare breed to get a pure breed, you will have to look for the best breeders meaning it will come with a cost. Your region will also determine the price of your cat, as it will vary in different states. The price of male and female Flame Point Siamese also differ. The bottom line when buying this breed is to identify a genuine breeder, even if you have to pay more. Getting a cat from cat homes in your locality may be a better option as they usually have cats they have rescued and are seeking for people to adopt them; hence the price is relatively low. The cost of this breed is somewhere between four hundred to six hundred dollars.

7. Flame Point Siamese are very vocal

Flame Point Siamese are very vocal, especially when they need something to be done for them. Seeking attention, especially when hungry, will make them meow all night long. These cats love trying their luck by vocalizing their needs, and they will not keep quiet until their needs are met. Their voice is deep low which comes from their Siamese family. This voice is too loud to listen to, and it can scare you when not expected. They follow their owner crying and chattering using their catlike language, and when you listen carefully, you will know what your cat wants. Flame Point Siamese will cry for milk when they see or smell it. They can also groan in protest if they don’t like something. When excited, they will chirp happily with short tweeting sounds.

8. Training of Flame Point Siamese

Unlike pets like dogs, cats are a difficult breed to train. However, when it comes to the Flame Point Siamese, they are easily trainable following instructions without difficulties. The training process involves repeated instructions that are rewarded to reinforce the progress. When done over time, you will find your cat taking several commands.

9. Protectiveness

These breeds of cats are also known for being defenders of their owners. This can probably be attributed to the strong bond with humans, especially the owners. Though they are not aggressive, you may find them scratching with their paws, biting, or hissing to express danger when protecting their owners. To ensure they are friendly to the entire family, every member should socialize with these cats.

10. Diet for Flame Point Siamese

The diet of this breed is important as it plays a greater role in ensuring you have a healthy cat. In terms of proteins, you have to think of them to guarantee the bodybuilding of your cat as they provide important amino acids useful for growth. To ensure the healthy skin of the Flame Point Siamese cat, fatty acids such as omega-3 should be part of the diet as they will keep the skin oily and smooth. The other aspect is that of energy giving food. As it has been already established, this breed is playful and very active, utilizing a lot of energy. Their diet should therefore include carbohydrates. There is ready-made food specifically for this breed. You can opt to go for it and save the time you would have used to prepare food from scratch.

11. Gentleness of Flame Point Siamese

Flame Point is gentle and sweet despite having a lot of energy. They are sensitive to their owner. This makes the owners be very fond of them. They express their gentleness through chafing their body and especially cheeks. Whenever they are rubbing, they gently express deep affection to the owner. Another way this breed represents its gentleness is by cuddling the owners. You will find them jumping on their owners and even accompanying them when resting on a couch or sleeping.

12. Shedding of fur

It is a normal process for cats to shed fur. However, the interesting thing with Flame Point Siamese cats is that their shedding is far less as compared to other breeds. This makes them very appropriate for people with allergic conditions. Cats produce a protein called Fel D 1 Glycoprotein in saliva or skin. Since the protein is airborne, it results in allergic-related issues when the cat sheds the hair. Therefore, the fact that this breed sheds little fur and the hair is short means minimal effect. This also may be a factor that makes Flame Point Siamese popular.

13. How to determine a genuine Flame Point Siamese

You can apply several ways to identify if a Flame Point Siamese is genuine or not. According to Epic Pet Club, there are three broad ways that you can test to identify a genuine breed of this cat. These are through observing characteristics associated with appearance, behavioral characteristics, or carrying a DNA test. However, a DNA test is considered to be the most effective.

14. Originally treated as majesties

This breed originated in Thailand, and the noble families possessed it. It is said in these families, the cats received the same treatment as those of majesties. This royalty status also happened in the USA as the first Siamese lived in the presidential residence at the white house. The cat was a gift to the wife of President Rutherford, which she received from the country’s envoy in Thailand. These make them very popular, reflecting a mark of high status in society.

15. They are Curious

Curiosity is part of the characteristics of Flame Point Siamese. They are known for their adventurous traits where they are interested to learn new things and unfamiliar situations. This usually makes them roam around the neighborhood exploring new things hence the need to control them. The use of trackers and identification collars is recommended to keep them from getting lost. You may consider limiting the movement as this breed is rare; hence, people may be tempted to keep it for themselves. This can be done by keeping them indoors or enclosing them within your garden.

16. Proneness to diseases

Generally, this breed of cat is resistant to diseases. Their ability to resist diseases also depends on obtaining the right breed. However, you should note that they may be affected by conditions such as dysplasia, inflammation of joints, or even non-communicable ones like diabetes, among others. It is important to have the cat examined regularly by a qualified veterinary to prevent these conditions. The issue of good health could also play a critical role in ensuring the wellbeing of these cats. According to My British Shorthair, this cat is friendly and active. It is easy to identify any health issue with your cat. Some of the signs to look for include inactivity, aggressiveness, whipping of the tail, snarling, or oversleeping.

17. Easy-going

About ¾ of the Flame Point Siamese cats are males, while the females form the other part. The male breed is laid-back, while the females are more erratic. Consequently, the breed is considered to be easy-going. However, they would still be classified as being hectic if your breed is a male one.

18. Obsessiveness

The obsessive personality among the Flame Point Siamese cats is attributed to its genetic composition and specific contribution to the Siamese breed. These obsessive traits include cases of personal biting, whipping, or licking. They may also exhibit quire behaviors such as eating non-food materials such as tree figs or brooms.

19. Tolerance

Flame Point Siamese is also very tolerant. Unlike other cat breeds that will become very aggressive with little provocation, this breed is known for tolerating even being petted and fondled to a great extent. However, like any animal, care should be exercised at the end of the day to keep them from becoming aggressive.

20. Intelligence

The cleverness of Flame Point Siamese cats is top-notch. They are known for having the ability to learn the application of puzzles and simple games. These make them very popular, especially among Millennials, as they can be provided with toys and mounting flames to amuse and engage them.

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