Florida Cat Reunited With Owner Two Years After Hurricane

A Florida household received a worthwhile new year’s gift after their long lost cat made a return. The unusual thing is that it took two years of separation of the two parties for their reunion to happen. The Hillsborough household was contacted by the areas sheriffs’ office after a trip to a local veterinary station. From the vet station, the officers came across the cat’s microchip, which was an essential element in finding the owners. A striking thing about the cat was that it appeared domesticated and was one of the pointers that it was from around the area.

Background On The Separation

The case of the Florida cat reunited with owner two years after hurricane is an interesting one and leads us back to the catastrophe at hand, the natural disaster. Hitting the surrounding areas and part of the Caribbean region was Hurricane Irma, originating from the Cape Verde direction. Its alarm came through around August of 2017, and several preparations came through for the control of the looming natural disaster. According to weather forecasts, as reported by Live Science, the estimate was accurate and served to have the residents prepared. The Florida governor Even went ahead to declare a state of emergency in a move to bring on a state of preparedness and prevent a large number of casualties in the aftermath of the disaster.

Evacuations were ordered form residential areas deemed to be dangerous, among them Hillsborough. The evacuations reaching a record of almost 6.5 million evacuees was one of the highest in the state’s history. When the hurricane hit, it came with much power and caused a lot of destruction in the surrounding coastal regions from Florida to the Caribbean islands. There were several casualties, and Eve, as the cat is known, was thought to be one of them due to the separation.

Eve’s Disappearance

As earlier hinted, the cat got separated from its family, and it is not clear whether it was during the evacuation or when Irma hit the Hillsborough neighborhood. Looking at the reunion between the cat and its owner, it seems that Eve was surely missed during the period that she went missing. It is also unclear whether the owner tried looking out for her or had given up, looking at the devastating magnitude of Irma.

Eve’s Sudden Appearance

After what seemed an eternity, Eve finally appeared; she made her presence felt at the Hillsborough sheriff’s office. A report from the sheriff in charge indicated that the cat came to the office and appeared to be domesticated. It might be so when looking at its docile behavior and relaxed attitude, which differs a lot from street and stray cats. The sheriff made a bold move and tweeted about the cat. Judging by its outlook, he concluded that the feline was probably from the surrounding houses or apartments and wanted the owner to claim it. He was finally able to trace the cat’s owner via a microchip the cat had. It was fascinating, during the reunion, to learn that the cat has disappeared for two whole years.

Points To Note

The reunion is quite unexpected,considering the time factor. Two years of disappearance is quite heartbreaking, and the owner might have moved on. There are important things to note from the Florida cat reunited with the owner two years after hurricane story, as we can see below.

Disaster Preparedness

A running point throughout the whole story is the disaster that caused the separation between pet and owner. It begs the notion of disaster preparedness and how to get ourselves in the right state of mind in the event of a natural disaster of such magnitude. The weather forecast had already put the alarm on a pending hurricane, and it went a long way to tone down on the number of casualties. As earlier indicated, the governor also made a motion to declare a state of emergency. With ample preparations in the face of disasters, separations are going to be on the down-low. The good thing is that the cat had a chip that made locating its owner easy, so kudos to the owner for the move.

The Tracker Chip

One thing that made the tracing of the cat’s owner to be a simple affair is the chip that the cat had. This is a suitable move for any pet owner to consider, especially if your pet is the adventurous type and can easily get lost. According to the the humane society, the microchips get implanted into the animal and are more efficient than wearables such as the collar which may quickly come off. The tracker chip contains relevant information about the pet and its owner and makes tracking a straightforward affair. You can look at various veterinary centers that offer the chip implantation services to have your pet secured.

Animal Discipline

A striking thing about Eve, the cat’s sudden appearance, is that it came to the sheriffs’ office. Another standout thing was its grooming that led the sheriff in charge to the conclusion that it was a domesticated cat. All this may point to coincidence or discipline. If it is discipline, then that is one thing you need to instill to your home-based animals for easier handling. A trainer can come in handy in training your pets a move that will enable them to be responsive and prevent instances of getting lost.

In Conclusion

It was a fitting end year gift for Eve the cat and her owner after they finally reunited after two years of separation courtesy of the severe hurricane Irma. It is incredible how it found its way to the sheriff’s office and ultimately getting reunited with its owner. Reports indicate that Eve is now in comfort, which is warming news. Credit goes to the sheriff for his efforts in getting the cat to its owner. You cannot also overlook the role the microchip technology had in locating Eve’s owner.

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