Missing Cat Returns Home After 6 years to Comfort Nurse battling COVID-19

Just one happenchance meeting back in 2010, set off a chain of events that would set up the making of a miracle ten years later. This heartwarming story is one that Ashley Orians shared with News 10. The woman found a small kitten wandering around her college campus. He had a broken tail. With no evidence of a mother cat or an owner, Ashley took the kitten into her home and made him a part of her family. The orange tabby cat grew and she named him Charlie. They spent four years together until he disappeared in 2015. Ashley and Charlie were living in the Charleston, South Carolina area when the cat went missing. She did everything she could to find him, including searching the neighborhoods nearby and putting up fliers, but there was no sign of Charlie. Ashley eventually moved back to Upstate New York.

Time marches on

Ashley owned two other cats who were also members of her family, but 2020 was a year of loss for many, including her. Both of them passed away during this eventful year and Ashley was diagnosed with Covid-19. Even though six years had passed since her beloved cat had been lost, she never stopped looking for him. One day her efforts paid off. She had been searching on a Facebook page featuring missing pets. She saw a cat that looked like Charlie and yes, he had a broken tail. She followed up on the post and discovered that for the past 6 years, the cat was living outside a dentist’s office. The staff named him Orange Kitty and made sure that he had plenty to eat.

The dilemma of getting Charlie home

There were 900 miles between Charlie and Ashley at that time. He was still in South Carolina, and she was in New York. To further complicate the situation, Ashley was under quarantine with Covid-19. She couldn’t drive to where he was. When Michael Morgan heard about the situation, he flew into action. The story so touched his heart that he and MFM Transporters decided to get involved. They provided the transportation to return Charlie to his owner after a 6-year absence.

A timely reunion

The timing could not have been more perfect. The loss of Ashley’s two other cats and her battle with Covid-19 were two negatives, but having Charlie back in the family was a type of miracle that gave her a boost and broke the chain of sorrow, finally bringing some joy into her life. Thanks to the pet concierge company, the two are now reunited in their home in Canadaigia, New York.

Proof that there is always hope

Millions of pets go missing each year. You can’t always keep a line on your cat as they’re masters of escape. If your cat wants to get outside bad enough, he’s going to eventually do it. The fact that Ashley and Charlie were reunited after 6 years apart shows us that there is always hope when a pet goes mission. Because of her continued search efforts, she and her now 10-year-old cat are back together.

What should you do if your pet is lost?

If your pet decides to go on a walkabout, there is a lot that you can do. The Humane Society (https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/what-do-if-you-lose-your-pet) deals with millions of pets who have lost their way each year. They recommend that you should never give up your search. If you follow Ashley’s example, even years later, your efforts can pay off, but sooner is better than later.

-Get ahold of local animal shelters

The first thing to do when your pet is missing is to file a report with your local animal shelters. It’s recommended that you contact all agencies within a 60-mile radius of your home. Your pet may already be in the care of one of these rescues. Also, check with local animal control to make sure your pet isn’t tucked away in a municipal holding tank. If you have the time and ability, visit the shelters to take a look for yourself. Take along fliers with your pet’s picture, a description of him, and your contact address. You never know when he will show up. If you believe your pet was stolen, contact the police and give them all of the information that you have. In cases of theft, it’s vital to act quickly before the animal is sold or transported to another location.

Canvas the neighborhood

If your pet recently wandered away, he may still be nearby. Drive down the streets and look in all of the nooks and crannies where a pet might hide. Ask the locals if they’ve seen him and hand them a flyer with his picture and description, and a way to contact you. Put up flyers in the community at veterinary offices, pet supply stores, grocery stores, and any other locations where they will be visible. Check with the business owners to get permission first, so the fliers won’t be discarded.

Conduct regular Internet searches

Several websites are dedicated to helping lost pets find their way home. It’s possible that a family has taken your lost pet in and is giving him food and shelter. They may be trying to find you to return the pet to his family. Some of the popular sites that you can check are Pet FBI, Center for Lost Pets, Missing Pet Partnership, Lost Pet USA, Fido Finder, Lost Dogs of America, Craigslist, and Facebook’s missing pets page. You can also advertise on social media and let everyone in your friend’s circle know that your pet is missing.

Final thoughts

It’s a good idea to have your pet microchipped, and equip them with a collar and an ID tag. Put your contact information on the tag. The Humane Society also suggests that you never stop looking. There have been a lot of heartwarming stories about lost pets returned to their owners after months or even years of being apart.

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