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british shorthair

If you’ve never seen a British shorthair cat in person, you’re missing out. These beautiful felines are far prettier than their name implies. They are very calm cats, too, which is one of the biggest reasons so many people prefer this breed. Some cats are known for being a bit rambunctious and over-the-top, but this is not one of them. In fact, this is a breed that is relatively low-key and fun, and that’s why people prefer to have one of their own. Another reason people so love this breed is the fact that it’s a quiet breed. It’s not one that likes to meow incessantly, complain about life in general or make people feel that they are being snubbed. They might not be overly affectionate with strangers, but they are supremely affectionate with their families and they make wonderful pets. For this reason, many people choose to take in this breed and call them their own. If you’re one of those people, you should be aware of just what you’re getting into with the British shorthair.

It’s Likely the Oldest English Breed

Some claim that this is the oldest breed of cat in English history. Others disagree, but the general consensus is that the British shorthair might just be the oldest. It’s possible that it is, and it’s possible that this is because it’s been so simple to find proof of its existence for so many years in the history of the English. In fact, it was commonly known as a house cat back in ancient Rome, and chances are good that the breed was around for many centuries prior to this.

They Were Hunting Cats

A very long time ago these cats were bred as hunting cats. They would help their families find food so that they could eat. It was a common use for the animal, and most people had one of their own. Today, these cats are anything but hunting cats. In fact, they are more commonly known today as cats that lie around the house and enjoy the peace and quiet. Don’t be fooled, however, as these cat won’t hesitate to get up and hunt down something to eat, a favorite toy or the ever-desirable cat nip that may or may not be hiding around the house.

They’re Pretty Healthy

While all cats – no matter the breed – are prone to any disease in the world, the British shorthair does not suffer from any breed-specific diseases. What do we mean? We mean that this is a breed that does not seem to have any health issues directly related to the breed. This means it’s pretty healthy and it’s yet another check mark in the “good news for pet owners” category. However, just like any other cat in existence, this cat does have just as much a chance as any other of developing health issues that are not breed specific. For example, cancer and other health issues are just as common in this cat as they are in any other.

You Won’t Get a Small Kitten

Most people want a small kitten when they shop for this breed. They are tiny and adorable, but they are not recommended to move homes until they are about 16 weeks. For example, if this kitten is available from a breeder, you will not get the kitten until 16 weeks. The kitten needs this time to bond with its parents, to wean and to bond with people. It won’t be available for you to take home – even if you choose the cat early on – until this age. It’ll be bigger, not nearly as small and cuddly, but still sweet and a lot of fun to have at home.

They’re Indoor Cats

If you ask any breeder of a British shorthair, you will find that they recommend you keep this cat indoors. There is no specific reason other than the fact that this is just how things have been for a long time. It could be due to the fact that cats like to wander and they are more prone to health issues being outside and around wild animals. We don’t know specifically, only that most breeders will ask you whether or not you plan on keeping the cat indoors or out, and they will then recommend you keep them indoors.

They Have a Built-In Smile

Because of the placement of the whisker pads on this particular breed, the British shorthair is often referred to as a cat that commonly smiles. It looks, all the time, as if it is smiling and enjoying life, and that’s just one of the many things that people love so much about this breed. We agree that it does look as if it’s permanently smiling. This is the cat that looks as if it ate the canary – if you’ve ever heard that old saying.

They’re Great with Kids

The best part, perhaps, about this cat is the fact that it is so good with kids. This animal is one that has some serious affection for humans, and it’s a very calm cat. It’s also very confident, so it never feels the need to show off or become overly clingy. It is good with kids, it does play well with them, and it has no problem disappearing when it needs to disappear. Another great aspect of this cat is that they really do well in any situation, so they’re good for people who have large homes with plenty of space as well as those who live in much smaller spaces. They’re good with kids, adults and just about anyone else that loves them, so it doesn’t matter the dynamic of your family when choosing a cat like this to bring into your home.

If you’re in the market for a British shorthair, having this information on hand will make it much easier for you to make that final decision to get a cat and keep it for the rest of its life. It is, after all, a lifetime commitment.

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