Girl with Special Needs Falls in Love with Unwanted Cat

Special Needs Girl

Animal adoptions are some of the most heartwarming and moving stories that a person can hear. For those that love animals, there can be no greater joy than knowing that a homeless cat or dog has found a loving family to live with. However, adoption is not a one-way street. While most people think of rescuing animals as a generous action, the truth is that adoptions benefit the human just as much as the animals. What people give to animals in terms of shelter and care is returned through an abundance of love and joy.

This is especially true for individuals who have physical and social difficulties. Even animals without specific training can be an incredibly powerful therapy, allowing people with disabilities to show and receive affection, reduce stress, and develop a close friendship. Saving an animal from a shelter in order to be a pet for someone with special needs is an act that saves two lives at the same time.

One particularly heartwarming instance of this relationship is that of Laura, a 14 year-old girl from Spain. Laura suffers from a hereditary disorder which affects her neurological and physical development. Like anyone else, however, she wants love and friendship. In order to help her find happiness and comfort despite her disorder, Laura’s mother decided to find a cat for her daughter. After searching local rescues, she adopted a cat named Lou.

Lou is an older cat who was living at the Lorca Animal Rescue. Like Laura, Lou faced some trials. Most importantly, he was having a very difficult time finding a forever home. This was very surprising to his caretakers, who have stated that Lou has a loving and affectionate temperament.

Luckily, Laura’s mother decided that Lou was the perfect companion. When she brought him home, it was clear that it was one of the best decisions of her life. Laura and Lou immediately took to one another, snuggling and smiling from their first encounter. The love between the two was obvious, and can be viewed on Lorca Animal Rescue’s Facebook page. It is a truly incredible sight to see such a pure connection between Laura and her new cat.

Laura and Lou have the perfect story to illustrate the impact that animal adoption can have on the people as well as the animal. Of course, animals like Lou depend on adoptions to give them a home and family. However, people like Laura can have their lives completely changed through adopting an animal. Today, Laura and Lou can depend on each other as best friends, an invaluable addition to both of their lives.

As well, their story reveals how adopting older cats is a great decision. Cats like Lou, who have the temperament to be fantastic pets, are often ignored because of their age. After seeing stories like this, it is obvious that older animals should be considered just as seriously as younger animals. This is particularly true for individuals with special needs, as they may require animals who are calmer and more patient. Laura and Lou represent all the amazing benefits of animal adoption, benefits which will hopefully be enjoyed by more and more people in the future.

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