Giving Your Cat a Bath Can Be Easy

bathing your cat

Cats and water… they don’t mix very well.  Bathing your cat is definitely a difficult challenge.  Every time the words cat and bath are said in the same sentence, you know it might just turn into a disaster.  They cry, fuss, hiss, scratch.  Everything that they could do to prevent being put into that bathtub is done within a matter of 10 seconds.  You start to bleed, the water is burning your cuts, and you eventually give up.  Why bother getting beat up by your cat just to give them a bath?  Bathing your cat can become much easier if you try different methods and techniques.

brushing your cat

Bringing your cat into a peaceful environment is one of the first steps you can take.  They will be able to calm down faster before you start trying to give them a bath.  One thing you can start off doing is keeping them calm by brushing their fur.  Get your cat in a comfort zone where you know they trust you.  You won’t really be tricking them into anything so even by the end of the cat bath, they shouldn’t have any issues with you.  Once you get them in their comfort zone and gain their trust, start to add water into the mix.  Make sure they are sitting over a towel or some type of cloth before you start the slow bathing-your-cat process.  Once you have gotten your cat in a tranquil state, begin to put water onto their fur.  You may have to hold onto them in case they decide to run.  Bathing your cat will become so much easier if you start them off with just a little bit of water.  Your cat will hopefully get used to the small amounts of water that you are slowly putting on them and be ready for the next step.

cat in the shower

The next step they will have to become brave for is the actual tub you will be putting them in so they can get completely clean.  Just patting water on them won’t get rid of dirt and germs that might be trapped in their fur coat.  Slowly dip them in the water and then slowly take them out.  Get your cat used to the bath tub in hopes that they won’t mind being placed in the tub full of water.  The amount of water that you have in the tub does not have to be a lot.  Make sure there is enough that it covers at least 1/4 of their legs.  Once your cat is in the bathtub, you can continue the bathing process.  If your cat is a little squirmy, you should mix the shampoo and conditioner together in order to make bathing your cat a faster process.  Once they are all rinsed, they are ready to be wrapped in a towel.

cat getting bath

Bathing your cat does not have to be difficult.  It is actually easy and not very time consuming.  The only step that might take a while the first time you bathe your cat is getting them used to the water.  You will have a much better bathing process the next time around since they will know what to expect.  Once your cat is wrapped in a towel, you will want to try to get them dry immediately.  Especially if they really hate the water.  You want to show them that they won’t ever stay wet for long and this will definitely help you get them in the bath tub faster next time.

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