The Most Popular Calico Cat Names Out There

Calico cats, also known as tortoiseshells, are one of the most popular domestic cats in the United States. Its name refers to the color pattern on the fur and the genetic determination of this coloring means that they are usually female cats, although there are some males with the calico coloring. Pet owners who have a calico cat love the pretty patterns on their fur and choose pretty names for their pet to reflect their adorable appearance. Just like there are names that are more common for certain dog breeds, there are also names that are more popular amongst owners of a calico cat. Of course, the most popular are usually also the least original. Here are five of the most popular calico cat names.

1. Callie

Unoriginal though it may seem, some cat owners simply abbreviate the word calico and call their cat Callie. While lacking in originality, it makes sense due to the link with the name color and because it is a pretty and popular girls’ name. There are various spellings of this cat name, include Callie, Cali, Calley, and Cally. The male counterparts are sometimes called Cal, which is another abbreviated form of calico.

2. Amber

Particularly popular amongst female calico cats is Amber. This is usually chosen because some of the colorings in a calico cat could be described as a shade of amber, which is a fossilized tree resin with a distinctive orange-gold color. This is also a popular name amongst dogs with an orange or brown colored coat. Amber is not a name that is used for male Calico cats.

3. Tortoise

In some countries, the calico cat is called the tortoiseshell due to the pattern and coloring resembling the shell of a tortoise. For this reason, many people opt to give their pet cat the name Tortoiseshell. Just like Callie, this is rather unoriginal, but it is right up there with the most popular choices for naming a calico cat. Some people opt for Tortie which is a shortened version of Tortoiseshell.

4. Ginger

Many people name their cats based on their color or a distinctive pattern. For example, black cats are often called Sooty or Blackie, while white cats are named things like Snowy. Similarly, a black cat with white paws is commonly called Socks or Mittens. Most calico cats have three colors, but it is the ginger color that the owners usually pick up on when naming their cat as this is probably the most distinctive color on their coats. For this reason, Ginger is a popular name choice for calico cats.

5. Tiger

While a calico coat does share the same colors as a tiger, this is pretty much where the similarities end. Calico cats do not have the distinctive stripes of a tiger, they are a much smaller domestic cat rather than a large wild animal, and they certainly do not have the same personality traits as a ferocious tiger. However, cat owners focus on the similarities in their colorings and commonly choose to name their calico cat Tiger.

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