The Hairless Munchkin Cat: A Funny Looking But Lovable Cat


While some people might be turned off by this cat breed, others simply love them.  The Hairless Munchkin Cat which is one of the smallest of the hairless breeds is a wonderful animal to own. Not only does this breed turn heads it also warms the heart.  Let’s take a deeper look at this amazingly unique cat breed and see why so many people love this animal.

A very tiny and short cat, the Hairless Munchkin is a cute animal. Prized for its small stature, this feline won’t take up much room in the home. Designed to be an inside only cat. Just like all of the hairless breeds this cat should never be placed outside for long periods of time.  UV rays and cold temperature could seriously harm this cat breed. You may even want to purchase a coat or sweater for your Hairless Munchkin if you are planning on taking them for walks in the winter.

Just like any feline, the Hairless Munchkin Cat is very curious which can often get them into trouble.  Known for their intelligence, the Hairless Munchkin Cat will surprise you by just how smart they really are.  A cat with a lot of energy, this breed will keep you on your toes.  So make sure that you give them plenty of toys to play with so they stay out of the house plants.  This will give them something to do while you are away from home.

A great family pet, the Hairless Munchkin Cat simply loves kids and other pets and would make a great addition to any home.  When choosing a kitten make sure to ask the breeder if they raise their litters inside their home.  This will ensure that you are getting a cat that is familiar with people and safe to be around small children and other animals. While this cat breed typically doesn’t have many health issues, it’s also a good idea to ask your breeder if they have experienced any problems.

If you are looking for a truly unique animal that is super intelligent then the Hairless Munchkin Cat is for you.  This highly active and loving animal will bring years of enjoyment to your entire family.  But remember these are inside only cats and never meant to be kept outdoors.

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