10 of the Best Famous Names for a Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

Do you put much thought into naming your cat? What if you have a Siamese cat, which has a very distinct look and a very intelligent appearance? Do you feel that a cat of this nature needs a somewhat more special name? Or do you feel that all things are equal when it comes to naming cats? It might seem like many people go one of two routes when it comes to cat names; simple and sweet or they name them after someone famous.

It’s super fun to name your cat after someone famous (think Taylor Swift), and it’s also fun to name them something really common. It always seems to throw people off when they ask you what your Siamese cat’s name is and you respond, “Fluffy,” because they’re probably expecting something more refined and unique. At the end of the day, you can name your Siamese whatever you want, but we do have some advice for you when it comes to choosing names. The first bit of advice is to choose a name that is fairly short and has no more than two syllables. Why? Because cats respond far better to short names than they do long, complicated, complex names; we like these famous names best.


Of course, the name Frodo would work great for a Siamese cat. Go ahead, Lord of the Rings fans, and try to deny that you can totally see this name working wonders on a cat with this kind of face. Not only is this the perfect name for a Siamese cat, it’s going to have people rolling over with laughter and considering you a genius when they meet your cat and learn his name for the first time. And we are all about people thinking we are geniuses.

Harry (Potter)

We all love Harry Potter – and anyone who doesn’t is questionable in our eyes. However, this makes a great name for a Siamese cat. Why? Because we love Harry Potter. If you’re not a Harry fan, there are plenty of other Potter characters to choose from. You’re supposed to keep cat names short, but that doesn’t mean Dumbledore or Severus Snape or Dolores Umbridge (she just loves cats) or Voldemort do not make amazing names for cats. In fact, we vote for these. They’re awesome.


She’s the princess from Aladdin, and her name is just so pretty. It seems like a lovely name for a Siamese cat, even if there’s no real reason it sounds so perfect for this type of cat other than the fact that it just sounds so perfect. A little kitten would make an adorable Jasmine, so there’s no reason to eliminate this name from your long list of Siamese cat names.


If ever you’ve watched Meet the Fockers, you know that there is a cat that belongs to Robert DeNiro’s character that goes by the name Jinx (or Jinxie). This cat can use the toilet (and flush) and it’s a bit of a favorite character in the movie, which is why this name is perfect for a Siamese cat. Anyone with a Siamese who carries the name Jinx gets extra cool points in the opinion of just about everyone else.


You get a free hairball and you get a free hairball and everyone gets a free hairball! Could Oprah be any more fun? She loves to give away free stuff, ask the “difficult” questions of the stars she interviews (How do you stay in such wonderful shape, Beyonce?) We love the idea of naming a cat after Oprah, the most powerful woman on the O Network. It’s going to be just a little bit fun to see a cat staring intently at you knowing its name is Oprah.


So we took another name from Harry Potter, but we love the Weasley family, and it’s kind of a great name for a pet. A puppy, a cat, a fish; it’s going to work no matter how you slice it. This name is fun and not at all formidable. It’s the kind of name that might actually make you think a bit more of a mouse than a cat, but they all go together so that’s part of the reason this one works so well.


A cat by the name of Santa brings just a little bit of joy and holiday spirit to the rest of the year. Additionally, naming your Siamese cat Santa is going to give you some serious parenting wins over the course of the year. You can honestly look at your kids and say things like, “I swear on my life Santa is watching you right now,” when they’re misbehaving and be telling the honest to goodness truth. They don’t have to know you’re referring to the cat.


Where’s Waldo? If there is a more hilarious phrase you could utter throughout the day, we’d love to hear it. This one works for us in a way we just can’t explain to you. Where’s Waldo is something you just can’t avoid making sound absolutely hilarious, and we love that you can walk around asking your guests this question without looking like a crazed lunatic. The ones that catch on get an extra point for creativity and a good sense of humor.


People love Prince, and people love cats. So when you think about it, it only makes sense that people would love a cat named Prince. It could work in so many ways, too. You can name him after the Purple Rain singer, or you could call your cat Prince because he’s the man of the house or because you just love him and treat him like royalty, but he’s not a female so you can’t name him Princess. You can go with this one however you’d like.

Kim K.

She’s the most famous reality television star in the world, and she’s famous for no particular reason. Cats have a way of looking at humans as if they’re all beneath the cat, so it sounds like great fun to name a cat after Kim Kardashian, because we feel that the cat would secretly hate you for it. It makes the judgmental looks and less-than-amused expressions cats are so famous for seem that much more meaningful!

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