Have You Ever Considered a Cat Themed Pregnancy Announcement?

The news that you are pregnant is one of the biggest and most exciting announcements you will ever make to your friends and your family. Many people like to share their news in unusual ways to make the event even more memorable. A current trend is to announce the fact that you and your partner are expecting a bay via social media and people are becoming ever more inventive in the way in which they go about doing this. If you are an animal lover and a cat is already part of your family, then you might like to consider including them in your announcement in some way. Here are some ideas on how you can do this based on interesting ways people have shared the news of a pregnancy on social media and involved their cat.

1. The Cat Reading the Pregnancy Book

Try taking a photograph of the cat behind a propped-up pregnancy book as though the cat is reading what to expect from your pregnancy. Add little details to the photograph, such as a card saying the due date of your baby or a scan picture. This gives the impression that your cat is very studious, and they are taking their new role as an older sibling very seriously.

2. Use a Sign

You can easily create your own sign for a cat photograph using a blackboard and chalk or simply draw a poster if you are creative. What you include on the sign is entirely up to you. One option is to write that the cat will be a big brother or sister and add your due date. Another option is to simply add the cats name to the top as though they are making the announcement. For example, Paws is delighted to announce that a new member of the family is arriving in November.

3. Take a Holiday Themed Picture

If you are announcing your news close to a holiday period, such as Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, then you can theme a photograph including your cat accordingly. Simply include the details of your news in the picture or give hints with objects such as a romper suit or baby shoes. If your cat is a willing participant, you could even dress up your cat for the occasion. You should also feel free to dress up for the occasion yourself.

4. Cat-Themed Posts

Your post does not necessarily have to have your cat in the picture for you to create a cat-themed post announcing your news. Have the details of your announcement added to a T-shirt or a mug alongside a cat picture before taking a photograph and posting on social media for your friends and family to see.

5. Creative Shots

People are getting more creative about their announcement posts, so you can follow the lead and get creative yourself. Take a photograph of you and your partner decorating a nursery with the cat in the shot or include your feline friend in a photo of you looking at the baby shopping you have just brought home. Alternatively, try using a theme that reflects your personalities or that represents important aspects of your life.

6. Shoe Photographs

Many people have photographed pictures of baby booties as a way of letting people know they are expecting a baby. As a pet owner, you can take things one step further by including your cat or dog in the picture. Line up with your partner and your pets against a wall and add a pair of baby shoes in the middle of the line-up. Take a waist down shot that clearly shows your pets, the legs of you and your partner, and the baby shoes. It may take your friends and family a few seconds to realize the message you are conveying with your photo, but they will be delighted when they realize the purpose of your post.

7. Show a Cat’s Reaction


A candid option is to take a photograph with you and your partner holding your beloved pet cat as you show it the photograph from your baby scan. This will give the impression that the cat is having a reaction to the news of the pending new arrival. Some cats may look surprised while others may look happy. Of course, the cat won’t really understand what the picture they are looking at it, but the photograph you take will probably be funny all the same.

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