How to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

There is no questioning the fact that cats are a completely different animal in comparison to dogs. Generally speaking, dogs are easier to train and manage and they normally seek to make their owners happy. Cats march to a beat of a different drum. One area in which these two popular pets differ is in water consumption. Dogs rarely have a problem keeping themselves hydrated as long as there is a constant source of water. On the other hands, it is sometimes a challenge to get cats to drink enough water to avoid health complications.

Dehydration leads to a plethora of health complications, including a clogged urethra and organ failure. Cats are not prone to drinking water in large amounts, so how can you get your cat to drink more water? Here are a few tips that might help.

Switch to a Predominantly Wet-food Diet

Canned cat food has a high moisture content, which means that as your cat eats they will also be consuming fluids that their body so desperately needs. According to most vets, one of the easiest ways to get your cat more fluids is to ensure that the fluids are in the food. If you have a picky cat that does not like canned food, add water or broth to dry food; it has the same impact.

Add Ice Cubes to Your Cat’s Food

Adding ice cubes to food is simply another way of adding water in an indirect way that does not require the cat to drink it as a standalone beverage. When you add ice cubes to the food, it will take on the flavor of the food, so it will not have a bland or neutral flavor. Additionally, experts say that some cats have a preference for ice-cold water, much in the way some humans will not drink water unless it is ice-cold. The goal is to make the process as easy and enticing as possible.

Serve Meals in Smaller Portions

When you reduce the portion size of each meal, you will be able to increase the frequency in which you feed your cat. Eating increases thirst. So the more frequently your cat eats, the more they will likely desire water. By cutting each meal in half, you can double the number of times your cat eats per day, increasing the likelihood of them drinking more water.

Strategically Place Water Bowls Throughout the House

Unlike dogs, cats can be lazy. If there is a readily available water source, they will not go looking for one. Dogs will come from one side of the house to the other to drink, but you cannot expect that from the average cat. By placing water bowls all around the house, it will make it more convenient for your cat to drink when they are thirsty.

Keep Water Bowls Filled on a Regular Basis

Because cats can be so finicky, it is best to ensure that you keep their bowls filled with fresh water. The longer water stays in a bowl, they less likely your cat will want to drink it. Dogs will drink out of almost anything regardless of the condition of the water. Cats will not.

Capitalize on Their Penchant for Running Water

While cats are not necessarily thrilled about getting into the water, they have a thing for running water. No one seems to know why, but using their fascination with running water is another way to entice them to drink more often Try creating fun games around the running water. Turn your faucet into your cat’s best friend. This only takes a few minutes several times each day to be effective. Try to do this around the same time each day.

Add Flavor to the Water

There are certain things that you would not normally try with a dog that might be highly effective with cats. For instance, cats seem to like flavored water. By adding flavor to the water, you increase the change of your cat drinking more of it. It will be important to pay attention to what flavors your cat likes.

Experiment with Cat Bowls

Some people have found that switching up the type of cat bowls they use, their cat was attracted to the bowl and thereby more enticed to drink from the bowl. There are all types of little tricks and hacks that will help you make sure that your cat stays hydrated.

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