Deaf Cat Brings Smiles To Grieving Widow

Sam was an unadoptable cat. He had some hearing problems. He was definitely moggy, but he was decidedly adoptable. Sam has beautiful white fur all over. But that’s not what attracted Elaine to him. Elaine had a story that would break hearts. She was 70, on a fixed income, and she was grieving over her husband and her previous moggy- that’s British for an unremarkable, common cat that is not a purebred.

Elaine decided that she would adopt a cat from her local Cats Protection center. That’s where she found Sam. Sam was the answer to her loneliness. She’d lost both her husband and her cat one right after the other and it was a blow which she really had trouble managing. The folks at Cats Protection told Elaine that Sam had hearing problems, but she responded with a resounding, “So what!” She went on to tell them that she is profoundly deaf and fears hearing aids in both ears. She’s come to accept her hearing loss as a part of life and mentioned that she always has the option of turning her hearing aids off is someone annoys her. She met Sam and fell in love with him immediately. Sam was so affectionate that Elaine believed that he knew she needed him as her friend.

Sam and Elaine’s friendship has grown since Sam came home with Elaine. Elaine says that Sam is spoiled because he takes his space in the armchair and leaves the foot stool for her. Most of the time, however, Elaine feels as if he really doesn’t take up much room because he enjoys napping right on her. Elaine knows that cats have something special. She told the Daily Mirror that cats don’t ask for much and they don’t answer back, but they do love being cuddled. Elaine and Sam are both more positive since they found each other. Life is better for both of them.

Cats Protection has partnered with Purina to create the program called “The Unadoptable Stories”. The program focuses on the idea that no cat is truly unadoptable. There is a match for every cat and every cat deserves to find their forever home. The key is matching the cat with the perfect person waiting to discover them. For more than 35 years, Purina has partnered with the Cats Protection charity. Every year, Cats Protection helps about 200,000 kittens and cats though the work of volunteer-operated branches and 36 centers throughout the United Kingdom. One of Purina’s main goals is to help more pets find loving homes. Purina collaborates and partners within their ten top markets across Europe. Improving pet adoption rates is key to their focus on charity partnerships.

Cats Protection is the leading charity devoted to the welfare of felines in the U.K. The charity has a vision of creating a world where each cat is treated kindly and each cat receives what it needs. The charity acknowledges that this is a huge task but believes that passion combined with professionalism will help these goals to be achieved. Cats are very popular companions in the U.K. and Cats Protection aims to support their popularity with three clear goals. Cats Protection seeks to find good homes for cats that need them, to encourage and support neutering of cats, and to provide the information people need to better care for and understand them.

Cats Protection was founded in 1927. Since that time, the charity has been fundraising and organizing ways to connect cats and kittens with homes. With proper education and management, eventually there will be less cats needing help. In 2017, the charity helped to neuter 153,000 cats offering financial assistance for owners who needed it. The organization has become the largest single cat neutering group on the planet.

Thanks to Cats Protection and Purina, The Unadoptable Stories have made people aware of what can happen to change lives for the better when cats are matched with owners who will love them. Lucky for Sam and Elaine, they were able to meet each other and create a new life filled with love and hope for each. How wonderful it is that a deaf widow would find a deaf cat to make a new family together! Elaine found her moggy Sam and the two are all set for some incredible happiness.

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