How to Keep Your Cat Cool During the Heat

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We’re not sure where you’re located but I happen to live in New York where we’ve seen our fair share of heat records this summer.   Not only is it tough to keep ourselves cool but it’s just as hard if you have animals around the house.  So what can you possibly do when kitty is super hot?   We’re here to give you ten useful tips on how to keep your cat cool during the heat…..


Ice in the Kitty Bowl – when in doubt your kitty will appreciate a couple of ice cubes in her water bowl.  If you know it’ll be hot drop a couple cubes in there


Elevate their bed – if you have plastic frames, cover them in cloth.  The air passing under the hot bed will keep your cat cooler.


A Haircut or shave – many people are opposed to the lion’s haircut because it makes a cat look silly but it actually has cooling benefits so you might want to consider the funny ‘do in hot months.


Fanning – get a small fan and set it near an air conditioner or window.  The breeze might not totally solve the heat problem but it’ll help.


Darkness – keep those shades and curtains closed.  This will keep things cooler and help your energy bill at the same time.


No cooling packs – if you plan on using a gel cooling pack, don’t.   The ingredients may be non toxic for us humans but can be very dangerous with cats.  Stick with ice.


Playtime is postponed – while you may want to keep your cat entertained in hot weather, play time is only going to make things worse.  The less mobile they are the cooler they are.


No car time, EVER – A closed car can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees in a frighteningly short time.  Don’t EVER leave your cat in the car when it’s hot outside.


Damp Cloth – a cool compress is always a comfort to a hot cat or human.

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Ice in a bottle – Ice cubes are a good idea but so is leaving a bottle of water in the freezer over night and leaving it in your cats favorite relaxing spot.  Just put some paper towels or cloth over it.


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