How to Make a Kitten Burrito AKA “Purrito”

Many people have never heard of the kitten burrito, which is also known as the ‘purrito’. If you are an animal lover, you will be pleased to learn that this is not a food. In fact, it is a type of wrap that is used to get feral cats accustomed to human contact and to develop a bond with their new owner. This is a technique that is used when people find a kitten that has been abandoned by its mum and the kitten is fearful of humans.

If you come across an abandoned kitten and ant take it home to look after it yourself, this is one of the most effective ways to get the kitten used to you handling them without you suffering injuries from their defensive scratching and biting. It will also help to make them feel safe and unthreatened. Here are some tips on how to make a kitten burrito.

1. Take a Slow Approach

When you are planning to use the burrito wrap technique on a kitten, you should always approach it slowly, calmly, and quietly. This will help to make the cat feel calm about the situation and stop it from feeling threatened by you. Approaching the cat loudly or suddenly can alarm it and make it fearful of what actions you are about to take. In turn, this may mean that the cat begins to defensively scratch and bite before you have even begun to use the technique.

2. Lift the Kitten by the Scruff of the Neck

Lift the kitten out of its cage or bed by the scruff of its neck. This is not a cruel thing to do and nor will it cause the kitten any pain as this is how their mother would carry them. While you hold them in one hand, you can drape the towel over them with the other. It helps if you talk in a calming voice to them while you are doing this.

3. Wrap the Kitten in a Towel

You are now ready to wrap the kitten in the towel burrito-style. Wrap the towel around their back before moving them away from your chest slightly so you can tuck the towel beneath it. Overlap the ends of the towel and make sure the kitten is wrapped securely but not too tightly. Continue to talk to him while you are doing this.

4. Lie the Kitten on Your Lap

Now that you have the kitten wrapped up like a burrito, you can lie them on your lap. If the only part of the kitten you can see is their head and the kitten is remaining calm, then the burrito is a success. Continue to stroke and talk to the kitten to keep it calm.

5. Hold the Cat to Your Chest

The next step is to hold the cat to your chest. This means they can hear your heartbeat which they find a soothing noise. It reminds them of the noise they heard in their mother’s womb and when their mother was nursing them.

6. Release the Burrito a Little

The burrito is obviously a success if you have got to this stage without any problems. This means that you can now allow the kitten some freedom. Release the towel a little and see how they react. A cat that has responded well to the burrito and is feeling calm about being in human contact is usually happy to remain on your lap.

7. Don’t Force the Burrito Wrap on the Kitten

If the cat really hates being in the burrito and is hissing and struggling, you should not try to force the situation on the cat. This will just make the kitten even more fearful of you and other humans. Release the kitten calmly to show it that you mean it no harm and try again on another occasion.
The burrito or ‘purrito’ is just one of the ways that you can develop a bond with an abandoned kitten. It is so simple that anyone can try using this method of keeping a kitten calm and getting them accustomed to being with humans. This technique also works well with a new kitten that is feeling threatened in their new environment and is scared after being taken from its mother.

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