How to Construct the Perfect Playpen for Kittens

A cat enclosure provides your pet with a safe and secure place indoors or outdoors. The enclosures keep your pets from causing havoc within your home or roaming outside where they can become the target of predators. A cat enclosure provides kittens a safe environment as they grow and provides cats with a place to play, sleep and enjoy the fresh air. Many cat enclosures are prefabricated and easy to assemble. It’s also an easy DIY project that you can create.

Here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor play areas for your kittens.

Indoor Playpen

When your kittens are young, you will want to keep them safe and secure within your home. To keep these furry pets out of trouble, you will want to create a safe and cozy enclosure. Some enclosures come pre-made, but you can also create your own designs which will likely be less modular and more fun for you and your pets.

When you have small kittens, you can easily re-purpose a baby playpen into a safe enclosure for your little kittens. A small bed can be placed on the mattress base along with some toys for your kittens when they are awake and ready to play. A baby playpen can easily be moved outdoors so your kittens can get some fresh air.

As your kittens begin to grow, you will need to create a larger enclosure. Children’s gates or pet gates can be reconfigured to create a larger play area for your growing kittens. Gates can be secured together with a hinged door on one end. Mesh can be used to cover the top as your kitten will soon be ready to leap out of the play yard. The are should be big enough for a comfortable bed, food and water dish, and a litter box. Of course, your kittens will want some toys and maybe a scratching post.

Another option for an indoor cat play yard is using storage cubes. These can be attached and doubled to create a fun space for your growing kittens. The plastic storage cubes provide shelving where your growing kittens can perch and play.

Outdoor Catios

The Catio is becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way to get your cats outdoors where they can enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Because it is secure and enclosed, your kittens and young cats won’t be able to roam off into the yard and the neighborhood where they can get into trouble. Instead, the Catio provides a safe spot for your cat to enjoy. Catios can be purchased pre-fabricated. These are safe and secure spaces to place outside of the house, but they are often modular and boring. You can create your own outdoor catio easily.

If you would like, you could attach your Catio to a secure pet door through a mesh tube. This will allow your older cat access to the home and the outdoors. You could also create a small Catio on wheels that can be moved indoors to outdoors easily.

If you decide to create your own Catio, it’s easy and fun. It will allow your kittens and cats a safe, secure place to sleep and play in as your pets enjoy time with you outdoors. It’s a great way for your kittens and cats to get exercise and fresh air without the risk of roaming off.

To create your Catio, you will need weatherproof materials. Wood should be sealed with waterproof varnish. You can use PVC pipes or corrugated metal as the frame posts. Enclose the area with chicken wire or tightly woven metal mesh to the frame and over the top so your kittens and cats can’t escape. Inside the enclosure, create a comfortable spot for your kittens or cats to nap. Keep a fresh litter box inside along with fresh water and food. For play, get creative. Provide your kittens and cats with shelves and nooks to climb and perch in. You can even place feeding dishes on a shelf. Add ramps and ladders to provide your cat exercise and fun. Of course, your cat will want plenty of fun toys to play with as it works on its agility skills in its very own Catio.

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