How to Tell Your Cat That You Love Them

It’s not that dogs are easier to love than cats; they don’t change their minds as commonly about how to love them. Cats love attention and need it as often as, if not even more, than their canine rivals. Even so, trying to figure out how to love your cat without irritating them can be challenging, if not impossible. You might lose heart if your cat likes a good belly rub one day and then behaves like you’re looking to murder them the next. Or you splurge on a toy, and they act as though it’s the dumbest thing they’ve ever seen. Despite this, there are a few significant points to know when attempting to show one’s cat just how you love them, even though they don’t reciprocate.

Pet me with your eyes

Cats never settle on one spot they prefer. Or maybe they do, for twenty-four hours. Either way, sometimes they give you the pet me look, and you try, and the next thing you know, you’re putting antiseptic on some severe scratches. tackles this issue on their website; flexibility is key. You can’t wonder what you did wrong or how you pet your cat wrong; give them some space. Sometimes it’s a personality thing, they like pets once in a while, but sometimes they prefer you look at them affectionately and be done.

Please blink

It’s tempting to give you’re such a good “kitty speech” and lavish attention on your feline companion when they decide to spend time with you. However, this action can have the opposite effect. Cat’s closing their eyes to their human is the ultimate sign of trust, according to If you close your eyes at them, they understand you are communicating trust. Blinking is the simplest way to tell your cat you love them. Even f they are across the room and ignoring you, kneel, meet them eye to eye, and blink a few times.

Chatty Catty

Some cats and especially some breeds are more talkative than others. For example, Burmese and Siamese cats are very vocal. So when your kitty starts talking, speak feline back. It’s not about meowing so loudly; your neighbors think you’ve adopted a bobcat; imitate their voice. First, check out their body language so you can decide what they need and whether they are upset. Remember blinking? Add a few when you talk to a cat. If you’re feeling adventurous, go nose to nose since that’s how cats greet each other.

Imitation is affection

If you follow your cat’s cues, you’ll understand the ways they’re communicating love. These might involve head butts. Next time your cat curls up on your desk, gently butts your hand, return the affection and meet them head to head. One of the easiest things to imitate is their purrs, which are cat I love you’s in a single breath. Even though it sounds strange, learning to speak cat is the best way to show how much they mean. Besides, cats continually teach us napping is the secret to a purrfect life.

Snuggle bug

Sometimes you might wonder why your cat wants to snuggle so much. According to, it’s because they have life by the paw and know that snuggle releases endorphins, helps them stay warm, and it’s safe laying on their human. Next time you think about placing your cat down and continually work, take a moment and snuggle. It’s a great way to destress and speaks one of their love languages.

Show your butt

If a cat shows you their butt, especially in your face, you might think they’re upset with you; they’re not. Much like a cat’s feelings toward its human, this is a back-handed compliment. Sniffing a tush to get a feel for someone is not just for cats. When a cat does this, they’re asking you to get to know them.

Making biscuits

Sometimes it’s an ouch-inducing event. Yet, it’s good to remember that when a cat curls up on your lap and starts kneading your leg, it’s because you love you and not trying to tenderize you. Even though you may be gritting your teeth, giving them a few minutes to knead will not only let your cats know you love them but will probably wind up with a peaceful sleeping kitty.

It’s not them

If you have a cat, you may notice a shift in their attitude when nothing seems to be going wrong, they’re fed, watered, and you’ve let them chase the laser pointer for over an hour. Cat’s are intuitive; if you have had an emotional day, your cat may be a bit needier. This behavior will allow you to get out of your bad mood and let your cat know you love them.

Not owners, staff

If you wonder if you are talking to your cat like they are human, that’s ok. It’s a great way to tell them you love them. Cats don’t recognize people as being any different from a fellow cat. So carrying on a kitty-style conversation with your cat is the perfect way to tell them you love them.

It’s the little things

Cats feel loved when owners keep them on a schedule. They feel loved when you feed them on time, bonus if you heat their food. Giving treats is a great sign of affection. One thing you may consider is a treat puzzle. Cats like to be entertained. Finding a treat puzzle will give them a yummy snack and keep them mentally engaged. When you find something your cat loves, stick with it as long as it works. After all, cats will change their mind. Cats may seem challenging to love because they always keep you on your toes, finding ways to show love. Yet, this is one of the most rewarding things about these animals. The first thing to remember when trying to discover how you love your cat is their style. All cats are not one-size-fits-all. You can’t train them the way you tell a dog to sit. Truthfully, cats are the ones who teach you.

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